wierd way to catch a cat

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    me and my brother have been goin for crappie lately (cought a nice 11 in white one at deer creek before it got too windy...crazy) and we decided that we would go to griggs a couple days ago. We were fishing off a boat ramp for black crappie and within 2 minutes or so of fishing all of our minnows died:sad2::angry:. So we decided that we would try to catch some bluegills for catfish bait later that night (the minnows where a little to small to use for bigger cats). So I cut up the minnows to little-mini cut bait chunks for blue gill and I slowly lowered it inbetween the planks on the wood dock. it was maybe an inch thick, so a small blue gill would fit with no prob (youd be supprised how easy it is to pull on through such a small space). then, about 30 seconds later, my rod bent a little to much to be a blue gill, so i realed it up as much as I could to the wood and peared through the crack. the first thing I saw was those 2 lilttle wiskers and those spots along its side! channel cat! this was like 4-5 feet off the shore in 3 foot water. we had to take the needle nose pliars through the crack to get em off thehook! anyone else have a funny story?
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    Ive caught catfish many different ways on accident. Crank Baits, Rubber worms, Jigs, Top water (that was a cool experience).

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    I was crappie fishing a big brushpile last year and hooked a crappie. As I'm bringing him out of the brush I feel a big tug. I realized I had a big fish so I fought him for a few minutes. When I finally got him in, it was about a 6 pound flathead. He had hit my crappie. The craziest part was that I did not hook him, he just wouldn't let go of my crappie. The crappie was hooked in the lip and the flathead had it by the tail!

    p.s. I was back at this spot two weeks later crappie fishing and caught a 28 pound flathead on a minnow and 10 foot ultralite pole.
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    Good way to get a shovelhead rick