Width difference of 14' boat

Discussion in 'Boating' started by drcatfish14, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. drcatfish14

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    Was wondering what the width of a 14' lake john vs.a 14' river john,and how steady the river john is? Also if any one would know the max hp.on a 14' john?:0a35:
  2. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Totally depends on the model and manufacturer.Look for the beam measurement,and horsepower rating on the companys website.14 ft johns tend not to be very stable but that is inherent to the flat bottom design,the wider the beam the more stable it will be.:smile2:

  3. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I've got a 1448 (14 foot long/48 inches wide at the floor) Monark. Perfectly flat bottom. I like the wider boats like that. Mine is so stable that I can stand on the little triangle of aluminum at the stern quarter and not even come near taking in water. A 1448 will run great with a 25. They may be rated a bit higher (especially with steering), but the 25 works great for me.
  4. Wabash River Bear

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    As far as I can tell Doug, the lake jons are usually narrow, around a 32" to 36" bottom. The river jons are usually 48" and up. Check out some of the boat manufacturers websites and look over the specs to be sure. I think a 1448 would be about as stable a 14 footer as you can find. You are probably gonna have to go longer to get wider.:cool2:
  5. Bigun

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    I have a friend that has a retarded boy. He has the widest most stable Jon boat I have ever seen. It looks like it is as wide as it is long. It works real good for them fishing. I don't know what the actual width is. He found it on a dealers lot in south Texas and went back and bought it.