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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by capt.kirk, Oct 24, 2005.

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    fishing conditions have been terrible this week in my neck of the woods.
    we have had a cold front coming down from the north all this past week
    we have been waiting on the hurricane from the south west for a week,
    and it is due to hit this a.m. south of us,we are supposed to get heavy rain
    and wind gusts of 25 to 70 mph today.let me start with sunday i fished
    about 3 hours with night crawlers on 1 pole and jumbo bait shrimp on the
    other pole,they both laid there in the mussel shell bed where i normaly
    catch a few cats,not 1 bite,as i was getting ready to quit,i looked down
    and saw my jar of wicked stickey opened it up and it had gotten pretty
    thick.well over some time my buddy that i fish would some times hook a
    mussel shell and we would lay them in the boat,dont ask why,i dont have
    a clue.well i looked at those shells and thought why not,so i too a stick
    and packed the shells with wicked stickey and threw them back in the shell
    bed,then came in and peeled some jumbo bait shrimp cut them in half and
    have been letting them soak all night in some thinner wicked stickey.as soon
    as i have my GRITS and can see whats going on out side,i will be getting
    in my boat which is secured to my dock for the storm,and fish those peices
    of wicked stickey shrimp in the shell bed for as long as the weather will
    let me stay out.will report results latter today.
    KIRK :001: