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    This thread is long, my apologies, please read on if you would like to change your life.
    Monday afternoon I left work early to catch shad for an upcoming, yet to be planned, trip with my best fishing and quail hunting partner.
    Tuesday morning I called him to let him know we had plenty of bait, and to ask "where do you want to go?" Since I own the boat, it is my privledge to go anywhere I want, but it's my treat to take him to the particular waters that are appealing to him.
    He just spent Fathers Day weekend with his family in SW Missouri. They(3 brothers and parents) celebrated their fathers 81st birthday, his parents 57th wedding aniversary, and of course Fathers Day. On Saturday, dad , the oldest brother, and my friend Jeff the youngest of the 3 brothers floated one of the streams down there and caught 60+ smallmouths together! However, the middle brother, Randy, chose not to go.
    Monday after the celebration was over, Randy the middle brother, was tragically killed in auto accident. When Jeff told me, of course my heart sank in sympathy for their sudden loss. As he was telling me about what happened, and their weekend together of family celebration, he paused....and quietly said, "Randy didn't go fishing with us?"
    I don't know why he chose not to go, but I do know 3 grown men with hearts full of sadness and loss, wish he had gone with them. They will never have the chance again as a family to fish together.
    Of all the activities of their weekend and lives together, experiences and memories of time together in the field/on the water might just may be some the best memories of a lifetime. Make them when you get a chance.
    I have quail hunted with his father and brother Randy, and know how important the sporting lifestyle is to all of the family.
    So when the opportunity arises, maybe it's best to go along with the program, "When in Rome....".
    The reason I have chosen to share this tragic loss is for respect to the mourning family. And remind all BOC members that yes we are drawn together by catfish, but we are held together by FISHING. Doesn't matter if it's Mr. Whiskers or Green Trout, just go.
    Take a kid, brother, sister, or neighbor fishing, and make the best memories while you can.
    Rest in Peace Randy N. your family loved you and will miss you forever.
    God bless you all.
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    RPnKC, Tell Jeff are prayers and thoughts are with him for the loss of his brother Randy. I know how he feels I recently lost a younger brother. Prayers for the hole Family from Arkansa.

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    east central indiana
    my prayers and sympathy out to them
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    Rick, Thank you for sharing and God bless you and Randy N.'s family.

    Father please give comfort to these who are hurting.

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    Prayers sent out. God Bless thier family.
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    Upon becoming a member of this group I began to pray a lot for it. I know that our members come from all walks of life and are very different. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with regret. I have introduced a lot of people to fishing, but the greatest memories ever are spent with my original fishing partners, my grandfather, my dad, and my uncle.

    You never know when it could be your last time together... Be thankful for all of the trips you make, the people you meet and the time you spend together with loved ones.

    I will continue to pray for this family and all of the rest of my new BOC family!

    May God bless us and keep us all!
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    Prayers are with them and good post.