Why we fish.

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    was out on milford today, as it started getting later the world came alive around me,, everything went calm, the wind died to nothing and the lake turned to glass,,, as i watched a flock of pelicans fly over the water i could hear the rush of air from thier wingbeats and thier wingtips hitting the water from 150 yds away, i can hear the carp and shad jumping and look only to catch the ripples in the water where they were, as the light faded i could hear a loon call off in the distance, then i heard a young boy talking to his dad as they launched thier boat off the ramp some 300 yards away and i sat there and thought about when my son will old enough to take him out and see him catch his first fish and teach him all i know about fishing,, and after about 4 hours and the only thing i caught was a drum, the only thought in my head was, this is what fishing is all about.
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    You got that right.:wink:
    Gotta love it and enjoy it. Never know how much longer you will have to.

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    :roll_eyes: I thank we all love those once in a life time moments that stick with us throught the fabric of time