Why Pumpkins?

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    I get annoyed when I have a question and can't find the answer. Some of the questions that have bothered me have been around most of my life. One of the first that I could not find the answer to was why the old timers always planted their pumpkins in with their corn. For decades I asked every old farmer I could. None of them knew, other than it was what their fathers had taught them. Look at any old photo (pre 1950's) of a garden and always they were planted together. Old paintings of gardens showed the same thing. I even contacted "The Old Farmers Almanac" folks, they didn't have a clue as to the reason. I checked old gardening books and the encyclopedia's, nothing. I did find one old farmer who noticed something I hadn't. In all the old photo's, the pumpkins were only planted around the edges of the cornfields, not in the center. That was my first clue. Then, I found the internet. (thank God, for folks like me) Infinite information, if you learn how to locate it. I searched and searched every search engine I could find, using all the info I had already gathered. Then one day, I found it. It seems, pumpkin vines have little tiny spikes on them when they are mature. We hardly even notice them, but guess what? Racoons have very soft bottoms under their feet. They hate stepping on those vines. That, it seems, is the reason for planting pumpkins along the edges of corn fields, it helps keep the racoons out of the corn.

    Now, if only I can find out why it always seems ............?
    Another story for later.
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    Good point, everybody seems to think that our ancestors back in times long past didn't "know" how to do do things right. The fact is every generation that goes by we lose common every day "knowledge" because of technology. We have become so dependent upon our convenience stores, cell phones, computers, GPS units etc. If one day we lose these things most will be in total panic.


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    very intresting stuff. guess us modern folks just sit around and complain about them and the weather.