why not use a wakeboard tower for pulling inflatables? - tubes?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by roadkill636, Apr 18, 2009.

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    warrenton misso
    most all the makers of wakeboard towers say "not for pulling inflatables"
    are they afraid their product will rip apart" maybee the fiberglass of the boat will break loose with the mounts..
    Whats the rel reason for this disclaimer?
    Im looking for someone with some real knolege of this situation, not just a bunch of folks that post meaningless
  2. RivrLivn

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    I think it's two issues.
    1) There is a much greater amount of preasure that towables produce compared to skies or wakeboards.
    2) The effect a high anchor point has on towables making them much more likely to go airborn.

    I have never seen a production tow bar that says it's safe for towables.

    However I have used both a ski bar and a wake board tower.

    I really only like the wakeboard towers for wakeboarding and I like a lower ski pylon for tubing and skiing.

    On my current boat I had a custom built 16" above the transom pylon built form 3" diameter thick wall aluminum. It raises to tow roap just enough to keep it over the wakes, but not to high that the riders flip.