Why My multi fuel Colman Lantern so dim?

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by daystarchis, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. daystarchis

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    I have a 2 year old lanter that can use unleaded and white gas. I have used both, but notice now that no matter what type of fuel, it is not as briight as my old 1953 colman?:confused2:
  2. waynesburgjay

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    You may have a bad seal, maybe your loosing pressure. Does it get brighter when you pump it up?

  3. smokey869

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    either that or it needs cleaned inside the tubes, with reg gas they plug up a lot faster than with white gas
  4. JimmyJonny

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    I run dual the fuels myself and I had used Colman fuel for years and then decided to go to unleaded. Within one season all three lanterns started to run dim. Eventually it clogged all 3 generators in each of them. I used the correct type of unleaded and tried dumping what I thought was contaminated gas and buying from different stations. Eventually they started running dim then flickering then barely working.

    I tried the propane ones and I'm sold !!! Changing the tanks with no smell, spills etc are much easier and cleaner...imo

    With your lanterns it's hard to say with the information you are leaving us. There aren't many parts and they are easy to rebuild. The plungers, if that has a problem, can be bought at Wal-Mart.

  5. catchaser19

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    I have a dual fuel as well but i never ran any thing in it but white gas. It has been runnin strong for five years with no worries. to fix yours i would replace the generator then use just white gas. Hope this helps:wink:
  6. pythonjohn

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    I agree with Tyler

    No catalytic converter on these things!:wink:
  7. oh no

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    I have both old and the new duel fuels. My experience has been to stick with lantern fuel. When I use gas, my mantles burn up quicker and will get a hole in them. Then the darn globe will crack where the hole in the mantle was.

    You save a little on fuel cost but give the money back in parts. My lanterns will go 3-4 years on mantles using lantern fuel. Unleaded gas gives me maybe 1 night. lol
  8. Jerry60k

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    Replace the generator it will be like new again for a couple years.

    I had a 50's Coleman that I ran absolutely nothing but reg unleaded thru for 8 yrs and replaced the generator twice,still beats the price of a new one :big_smile:
  9. peewee williams

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    Burn Naphtha (Lantern fuel).All gasoline has some additives in them.That is why they sell additives to clean your carb and injectors as it sticks,builds up and plugs.Also.Buy the little funnel with the felt insert and always USE it.One tiny speck of trash that you cannot see and you are plugged!One mosquito or gnat! I have had mine since the 70's along with most of the spare generators I bought then.This two things will stop 99% of your problems.Dump and rinse out your old tank!The funnel will fit in a plastic jar such as peanut butter comes in and stays clean this way.Never lay it down on a picnic table or anything.One small speck of trash and you have wasted all of your efforts.I have found that I can not trust others to do this.Trust and they will lay it in the sand!

    A funnel with the brass screen and a "Bounty" towel in it to strain it will do wonders to keep your small engines running.Always plug the funnels outlet when not in use.I once saw a live mouse come out of a brand new never used big funnel laying on a shelf under a shelter.Bugs and trash in the outlet defeats the purpose.I also keep all funnels in something to keep them clean.The BIG Zip locks are great.This saves you money and time and will well pay for it self!My outboard motor Gas hoses are stored in them!

    For seven years I cleaned out Canoe trails in the Okefenokee Swamp year round.Winter was the best as little to no insects.My colman products were heavily used.Hard to light below freezing.I had to preheat them.Gas cylinders consumed to much room,weight,were expensive and had to pack out all trash.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee