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    To each his own but I just don't get it. I know there is always the suspense of wonderin what is gonna take your bait. Ya never know and thats some of the allure of goin cattin. To me catchin is the bonus not the quest. Sittin in a boat just jawin and bustin on each other is the best part. Don't get me wrong. I wanna catch fish and I take the rite tools to do so. Over the course of the year I take a whole bunch of people out on the boat. First timers with thier kids and folks that have been before. To me that is the enjoyment. Spend the time on the water and learn it. It will produce tons of smiles for you and those ya take fishin.
  2. freakyfish

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    It is amazing how many would rather catch nothing and go home.If they don't get thier target fish.

  3. Angler Ace

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    Pleasant Hill,
    For Me I can SUM it up by saying. I fish to RELAX, get away from pressure for a while, I'm not there trying to catch everything that swims. What I'm after is a TROPHY fish. A once in a Life thing or something near what I would consider a TROPHY for Me, not the record books, but for me. You know something that is hard to come by.
    I use to catch 100's of little fish every year, I up scaled my gear, Larger HOOK, SINKER, ETC., I no longer catch 100's of little fish. Now when I get a bite there is a better chance of that fish being LARGER than the normal fish folks around me are catching. I like the RESULTS. I can quote a BOC BROTHER. " CATCH SOMETHING BIG, or DON't CATCH ANYTHING." Just fishing is OK.
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    To me, fishing is just an escape from the everyday. I would love to catch a bunch of whoppers everytime I go, but if I end up skunked, thats ok too. I get alot of enjoyment just watching my daughter fight a nice bluegill on her ultra-light combo, while my cat rigs sit motionless.
  5. tnvol

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    I do plenty of fishing on my own but to me there is nothing better than being out on the water with friends and having a blast. Having buds around makes getting skunked a tad easier to deal with too. lol That way you can just blame it on the other guy for whatever you feel like busting his chops for. lol
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    Yes, awesome question:wink: I fish because, thats just What I do:smile2: Alone or with folks, it's all good. Fish or none, but love to put people and kids on fish. Even if I get skunked, love to see their faces and all the excitement. Priceless:wink:
  7. Jollymon

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    Wilm .N.C
    Going fish,n with family an friends is the fun part to me ,an if u catch fish that just makes it a better day. But i,m not one any more that has to catch fish for it to be a good time fishing ,at one time i was but not anymore
  8. Mickey

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    Great post George. I agree. Fishing is a Pressure release valve for me these days. I'm happy just to have the health to still go out and enjoy natures best. Fishing is an itch I can't scratch.
  9. Catpaw

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    To me fishing is about relaxing ,I like the catching part but could really careless if i do or not. The second i walk out the door knowing i'am going fishing ALL the worries of home are gone and my mind is free to just enjoy the free time and nature at it's best.
  10. brinley45cal

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    yeah its great when you can have a good bud or family member with you,it makes catching fish a little less important then it is then when your by yourself.
  11. Snagged2

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    Yea, I enjoy it when someone realizes that catfish are an awesome fish to target..cause, before then,,, they realize,,,, everything they've been fishing for previously, has just been bait!!
    Yea, when the truck is loaded and it's ON, for the water,, It sure is a good feeling!!
    I have so much fun and enjoyment showing new people, taking them, fishing with them, for catfish,,
    When I get to fish with someone that appreciates or understands Catfishing, it's even better..
    I love it when I show folks my tackle, and they say what are you fishing for, Whales??
    I usually simply respond,, no, just the ultimate freshwater predator's!!
  12. neoncat

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    like so meny of the other guys have said sometimes its more about good friends and the memeries made then the catch:eek:oooh: but being able to razz your buddy about the one that got away:roll_eyes: PRICELESS:big_smile:
  13. lendog

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    berks, PA
    i fish to relax and it gets me out of the house so the wife doesn't find something for me to do :wink:
  14. NJ CLAD

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    For me the fun is in the catching. I do enjoy the people I fish with, but for us fishing is somewhat intense. We are there to do one thing, and that is to catch the most or the biggest fish possible. I never get tired of the battle, and a fish strike is always exciting. Getting skunked makes for a lousy day.
  15. tnvol

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    You make a good point. A while back a guy in my unit was always commenting on all the rods in my truck. He always asked me where I fished and what all I caught and said he wanted to go with me sometime. I finally got him to go with me and we ended up catching a bunch of fish. It was at the Cumberland City Steam Plant. Was insane cold and icy but we were sticking stripers on about every other cast. When I was finally able to drag him away from the water we went right to Walmart and he bought a rod and reel and some tackle. That dude fished dang near everyday for the next couple months. lol Shortly after that he moved on to another duty station but kept fishing. I saw him in Baghdad about 2 years ago and he told me that me taking him fishing was one of the coolest things anyone had ever done for him because he had finally found something he loved to do and would never stop doing. I thought that was so awesome. There is nothing like watching someone reel in a fish for the first time.
  16. team salmon

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    I enjoy fishing no matter how many fish I catch or don't catch - I like when the bite is slow and this fishings hard - to me it is a game then - myself vs. nature - if ya fish all day and catch 3 or 4 nice fish and ya get back to the boat ramp and talk to other fisherman and everyone says the fish are turned off - the weathers not right - the waters too low etc....... It makes me feel good to know I did the right things to catch what I did. I guess that's why I'm also a bow hunter!!!! A challenge builds character and a character I am lol :smile2::smile2::smile2:
  17. centexcop

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    I think we're the fortunate ones because we "get it". I've got friends that strictly bass fish and they get mad when they don't catch a fish, or they don't catch a big fish. Fishing is just like anything else, it's so easy to get caught up in it all and it can become just something a person does. It's so much more to me.....

    It's stopping at the convenience store at 5 AM to get a bag of ice and a cup of coffee while on the way to the ramp. It's the feeling of sliding off the trailer into the water with the smell of the boat exhaust in the air. It's idling through the no wake zone while sipping that coffee and thinking it just doesn't get any better than this.

    It's watching the graph and seeing those arches appear while watching the dark sky explode with colors of orange and red. It's seeing the sun peek over that hilltop and wondering if the bait clicker is going to scream as the sun rises.

    Fishing is so much more to me. It's a chance to escape from life. It's my time. It gives me the opportunity to share with others. Without it, I'm sure I wouldn't be the same person. Then my cell phone rings and one of my employees has stumbled onto a chop shop and needs help.....

    As the day is cut short, I'm not mad I'm thankful for the opportunity to enjoy as much as I did. I know that I'll be able to enjoy it again and that everything will be waiting for me just as I left it. It may not be the perfect day that this one was, it may be better.
  18. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I fish for the enjoyment and dinner. :smile2:
  19. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    I know where you are coming from. Thats the very reason I will never
    fish competition. It stops being fun and becomes stressful and serious.
    I have been that route. Work is bad enough but when you bring your
    fishing home thats bad.
  20. Rohaus

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    Vilonia Ar
    I fish for the pure joy of it and of time spent with like minded friends like the people on this site.