Why does store bought stink bait stink like dog u know what.

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by whiskerchaser, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    ok got another question for everyone I dont know if all are but I have some strike king catfish dynamite and catfish charlies stink bait in both blood flavor and they both smell exactly the same and both smell like dog poo!!! whys this? do they put dog poo in the bait? cuz it makes u not wanna touch it. If it is dog poo then I could have went in the backyard and got bait :crazy: uck but thats just gross i mean i dont know what they use but they all have a secret ingredient I think that secret ingredient is dog poo personally any other stink baits that stink like that? and neither one catch catfish:sad2: I think they are a waste of money. any other people think the same?
  2. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Different baits work in different bodies of water. That is one thing that you will find out. Just because it did not work today, does not mean it will not work tomorrow.

  3. kccats

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  4. trotlining

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    This is sick; but very funny..
  5. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey James, I never caught anything on stink bait until I tried Danny King Punch bait and now I don't go without DK and Looper Rigs. You might give em a try maybe they will work for you. And DK don't smell like roses but it don't smell like dog poo either. Both of these guys are sponsors for us.



  6. Ardiva

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    Kenai, AK
    Well heck guys...isn't that WHY they call it STINK bait??? :lol:
  7. BigKat24-7

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    you can try the dog poo but i doubt it will work. I believe the cat can distinguish the difference in the smells of it all. just because it smells like poo to us doesn't necessarily mean it does to the fish! the best bait to use is live cut bait its what they naturally eat! if they aren't eating that then they aren't eating or aren't there. the bigger more natural baits will bring in the bigger fish! I have never done good personally with any stinkbaits but others have.
  8. blindfly69

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    because those companies think they can make something smell terrible and trick people into believing this stuff catches fish.....im sorry if its worked for you but i've spent too many hours sitting there and falling asleep to believe this stuff works
  9. Boss Hogg

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    Yellow Springs, Ohio
    I want to try some of that Magic Bait Company stuff. I hear that its great for fishing lakes.
  10. laidbck111

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    every body of water is different even different parts of the same lake aren't the same. I can use stink bait at more than a few places and catch fish but move 200 yards and you won't catch squat. All baits have there time and place to be used. One thing though I only use the stink bait for eaters I have never cought anything over 10 lbs with it.
  11. vacatfish

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    Last year i noticed the very samething and emailed the company who made the bait. needless to say i never got any answer or email back from them. i will say we know this company well and it's said to have wonderful customer service but i hate to say i would have to put a point on there customer service cause they say email us if there are any ? you may have well i had one.

    But beens i got know answer back i have a friend who is a lab tech and was looking for a project to do well he had one alright breaking down a bait that i wondered what was init. sure nuff he broke it down and after testing and testing found out that it truely did have what i was thinking init. Dog s--- mined with hard dog food that had been soaked and made soft and then took and thickend with floor. this stuff is sold in a bag.

    So i will let the rest of the brothers and sisters take it from there.
  12. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    It's probably the main ingredient haha.
  13. catfishkatmando

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    Salem, WV.
    I knew I detected saome undigested protien in there some where
  14. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    Dip bait is all I use now for channel cats during the summer monthes! "Wicked Sticky" has worked everywhere I have tried it, with the exception of one of my striper holes (have'nt caught a cat there on anything else either)! I am pretty sure it's the cheese that stinks and the oil from it that attracts the fish! I've caught many 7 to 10 pounds and my buddie Bert caught one over 20 on "dip bait", so do'nt think it wont catch big ones!
  15. loki1982

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    Out of all the fish you could fish for, catfish require you to get the smelliest and dirtiest in my opinion. Its just part of catfishing. As stated above different baits work at different water, different times, etc. I can use shad one day and catch fish all day long and come back next week and not catch any.

    Danny Kings punch bait, as mentioned above works wonders in a Lake in south Texas called Choke Canyon. But at my local lake ive never gotten a bite on it. And worms are generally one of the core channel cat baits amoung anglers, and I can tell you I havnt caught a catfish on a worm in probably the last 20 times I tried. They just dont work for me.
  16. borntocatfish

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    NW ohio
    stink bait beens stinking for me lately
  17. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    There is a common perception that catfish is attracted to stink. The stinkier the better according to some people. I for one rather use fresh cut bait with blood and that attracts fish as well. But I can attest to cats being caught on stink as I have caught some on it. I think that it works better in some areas than others though depending on wether its rivers, lakes, and ponds and the natural forage thats available.
  18. Ghoulscout 13

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    North carolina
    actually Catfish have been known to eat human poo, so using dog poo mignt not be such a bad idea, still wouldnt do it personally, but it may work, in theroy at least