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Why do you use a mono leader with braid? Also, how do you rig your weight, hook, etc

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I was reading the poll on how heavy of braid you all use, and noticed that almost everyone uses a mono leader, I'm just curious as to why? To me that seems like it'd defeat the purpose of using 80#+ braid if you've got say 30# mono leader, can someone enlighten me? :) Also, I was curious as to how ya'll rig your weight, hook etc. I almost always have my weight at the end/bottom of my line with the hook tied about 12-18"s above the sinker with either a Palomar knot or a double surgeons loop depending on current situation, to help keep my bait/hook off the bottom. Thanks for all the info guys/gals.
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yep like said before the mono leader is for abrasion resistance against rocks so the expensive braid doesnt become frayed. Also its easier to just lose the cheaper $ mono on a break off than the braid. I use 2-10oz disc sinkers, carolina rigged with a bead and sinker slide with 8/0 gama octo circles, 8/0 TC Circles, 7/0 Daiichi circles or Owner SS 9/0 circles. here's a few pics


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