Why do we fish

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  1. Robbie Norton

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    Florence S.C
    Because it is a great sports to see who can catch the bigest . So we can talk about it and that is wondful.It's one of thing that we do an i injoy it when i am able to go?:sad2::smile2:
  2. JAinSC

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    Because it gets me out of the house for a while.

    Because I can sit in a boat on a beautiful river for half the day and half the night doing almost nothing, and that's just what I'm supposed to be doing!

    Because every now and then I manage to catch a good one, and brag a bit, and get a few pats on the back.

    Because it lets me get a glimpse into an alien world (the world below the water's surface) and imagine life down there, and pretend for a while that I have even a clue what's going on.

  3. Bill in SC

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    <Why do we fish>

    Peace, solitude, and you never know what you might drag in. Actually it's quite a challenging sport.

    Bill in SC
  4. rivercatsc

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    I love to see others catch fish especially kids. There is nothing like having a grown man who has never caught a big fish get 1 in the boat for the first time. Taking a kid fishing is my purpose in life I think. I do several different trips to santee every year with a group of under privealaged kids to let them reel in some fish and it is the most satisfing trip for me than any other.