Why do I only get a few chances?

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by katfish hunter, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. katfish hunter

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    I just moved to a new neighborhood with a big pond full of carp.I have caught one carp so far in the 20 lb. class, but when I hook one and don't catch it, the carp don't hit my bait anymore.I fish at two different sides of this pond.Sometimes when I fish one side for a couple hours and don't see any carp ,I can go to the other side and I'll see a bunch of carp cruisin the shallows.Why does all of this happen?
  2. blindfly69

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    sometimes you gotta look for tails fanning out of the water. when you see cruising schools, in my expirience, they are just that CRUISING the only pond carp i have ever caught werent in schools at all they were just feeding with their tails up

  3. channelcat_tracker

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    i guess i have to tell you to keep using different baits with the proper nutrients that they need. they are very intelligent fish and wont bite if they know they will end up on the dinner plate. just keep trying thats all i can tell you!
  4. catchinghogs

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    Carp are some of the smartest fish i have ever seen.Throw a bunch of bread out and watch them eat it put a piece on your hook and they seem to laugh at your offering.I have watched carp eat every piece of bread besides the one with the hook on it and as soon as the bread falls off my hook they eat it and laugh at me some more. Now i know why people shoot carp with bow and arrows.
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    You beat me to it, they are a smart suckers for sure...
  6. Derick

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    sounds very similar to a pond i just started fishing and i am having the same results as you. i have been bringing multiple baits out and switching them up if i am not having any luck with what i try first, seems like they bite on something different everyday, i also started using smaller hooks which helped a lot. good luck!
  7. hear_kitty

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    Its like this if carp in a pond see you you are done carp[ have very good sight] if this is a small pond and you want to fool them and even some bigger ponds and i take this is private property when you first get there chum the side you are going to fish first than move down and chum some more corn or oatmeal all around the pond! Next go into a low profile stance when you are fishing remember they can see you!!! make some oatmeal balls use the water you are fishing from and move every 10 mins
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    A lot of the time carp run in schools and they are very easily spooked. So if you start pulling one from their school, they might get spooked and take off. But don't worry, best bet is to stay in the same place and just be patient. Be like me, after you get that first one and the action slows down, stick your rod in a rod holder, set the drag really light and put a bell on the end of your pole and go about some other business while waiting for them to return. Or it might be they've eaten all the chum you've thrown out there, so maybe try chumming a little more when the action slows down.
  9. jobiechillin

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    I have seen carp come up to the top of the water , look at my bread , turn around and smack the hook out of my bread then eat it. I have wasted many good loaves of bread in this fashion.
  10. ohiohawghunter45067

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    when i carp fish i place a craft bead on my hook and melt towards bottom of shank. that way when the dough ball is falling away. ad the carp starts sucking bait up they suck the bead and you have them hooked.
  11. ka_c4_boom

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    carp are fun to catch ,dad always uses whole kurnel green giant canned corn throw a hand full out every day get them used to it eventualy when they see you coming theyll be there waiting use the smallest hook you got and light line no sinkers its best if you see them pick it up then set the hook unless you plan to kill it cause with a small hook theyll swallow it ,,,by the way fish in clear water can see over 50 feet a freind of mine has a pond behind his house he walks out on the deck and the fish will surface every time cause he feeds them their used to him and they know if they surface he will give in and spoil them :lol: good luck hope i helped