Why Do I Fish??

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by fr8dog, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Got on the plane Mon night for our last leg from LA to Toledo, and one of the guys asked what I was going to do when I got home. "Go fishin". He says "How can you do that? It's Boring." Got me to thinking. (Not always a good thing.)

    Why? I don't know. Maybe it's trying to match wits with a creature you can't see that has a brain the size of a pea. (And be on the wrong side of the fight.)

    Maybe it's being out on a misty morning watching the sun come up. Sometimes it's sitting sipping a cold one on a warm summer night in the glow of a lantern, listening to coyotes and owls howl. In my bass tourny days, it could have been the sound and smell of a couple hundred big outboards cranking up. Now it's watching mama raccoon and her 4 babies picking for food on a shoreline. Seeing an osprey sitting on a branch munching on a fish, or a bald eagle floating on a breeze overhead. Last time out, I got to watch a "4 ship" of pelicans fly formation that would have made the "Thunderbirds" proud.

    I've waded in rivers on cold, quiet, snowy mornings fishing for steelhead. Stood listening to the Atlantic surf waiting for the blues to move in.

    Yeah!! It's "boring". Bore me to death. Heading out in the AM for 3 more days of "boredom"!!
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    Great post steve! It def. grabs hold of ya this sport of fishing thats for sure!:wink:

  3. germanmudfish

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    Gray, GA
    And there it is right there. Kinda lets you know there is something bigger than you in this world. Thanks
  4. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    Great post. That's kinda like when folks ask me about why I hunt. Pretty much the same reasons......

    I like the first rays of light hitting me on a frosty morning and warming me up. I like listening to the world wake up around me, when I can't hear signs of another human being. I like listening to turkeys, quail, and squirrels chatter. I like spending time by myself, and letting my senses re-awaken.

    And besides all that nonsense I like killing stuff and eating it.:tounge_out:
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    And on the 7th day God rested. Personally I think he went fishing:smile2:, So he could sit back and bask in all that he had accomplished. The Beauty of his world in my eyes compares to nothing I will ever see. In truth I believe for these reasons we seek to go out and bask also in what he has done. It all becomes part of the experience that I remember the most. The sunrise at the start of the day the sunset at the end of it. All the creatures big and small we passed along the paths we walked to and from our favorite spot.
    Our favorite spot itself, and what makes it so special to us. Not always the fish or the amount of deer that we see. But in reality more about the way the river current swirls around the bend as it hit some rocks pertruding ever so slightly out of the water. The color of the trees in the fall as you sit and watch a crimson sky at dusk. All these things are what draw me into the field and continue to tug at me to return time and time again.
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    Have to agree with all the above posts. You all have a way with words.
    now me I go fishin mostly just to relax and get away.(sure ain't to catch fish)don't seem to do that.I'd starve if I had to depend on my catches.
  7. john catfish young

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    I agree with all the above posts. There is just something about being out of doors fishing and hunting....it is good medicine for the soul.:cool2:
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    Vince, ya should have been a poet.
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    Too many to put on here.... a sample of smiles.....

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