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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Oct 1, 2006.

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    Went fishing this morning over on the Il.side accross from Louisiana.Didn't have any luck myself but what really is bugging me and hopefully youall can answer this.:confused2: Two guys with Mo. plates cameaccross from the Mo .side Got ready to load thier boat and I was talking to the one running the boat. They said they caught a few all on bank pole lines but said that he had somewhere else to go and didn't have time to fool with them and asked if I wanted them.Of course I took them ,1 was a 5# channel and the other2 was probable 1/12-2# range. My question is if you don't have time to fool with them why keep them in the first place,taking the chance that someone would take them. Glad to get them but still aggrevates me when people do them things..
  2. Dano

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    It aint always what you think. Not everybody CPR's on the spot, some CPR by size and some keep or give away. Doesnt mean they plan on wasting the fish.

    That is a question you should have asked them. Could have just been friendly fishermen.
    Maybe they fish a lot and many times they leave knowing people are around that would love to add to their catch to make a meal or make a meal out of what is given to them if they didn't have any luck. Some people still hope to off set cost of fishing, with a meal from their catch. Many times I have pulled up in boat and given my fish to older people, maybe kids fishing off boat ramp, dock etc. that I know someone is usually there.. They always be very thankful. When crappie season comes in November, both has happen to me. I have been on water, getting ready to leave, didn't catch enough to mess with and gave them to the first boat that wanted them and same has been done for me. Got to keep all crappie that is caught from November to Feb.
    Even if I dont have to keep, I might till I leave to give to others who would love to have them.

    Also, was the fish dead or was they bleeding. Sometimes if hook is swallowed deep, pulling it out might cause fish to die anyway. When that happens to me. I keep fish if legal. A couple aint worth fooling with but I will clean them anyway if they are going to die due to hook. Now if I find someone along the way when I'm leaving that wants them, thet's great cause like I said a couple aint worth fooling with but I still dont waste them.

    Another possibility. If you wouldn't not have been there to take the fish and no one else was there to take them, maybe they was planning on releasing them once they see, no one wanted them or like me, would have cleaned them anyway.

    I would say, nothing was wrong cause you got some fish and nothing wasted.
    Course, they could have kept them to waste. Who knows. That's why I say, that question is best asked to the ones keeping and giving them away.

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    well said dano, I gave away two channels at the ramp to a guy that was glad to get them, they were both gut hooked, if he had not taken them I would have kept them for myself.
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    I do the same thing at times. I plan on keeping a few eaters, but if I see someone who might want them, I dont have a problem with parting with them. If im tired I will clean them but if someone else wants them I get more sleep. good luck and good fishing.:cool2: