Why aren't there more women fishing?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by shorte, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. shorte

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    smithfield nc
    How do you spell relief....FISHING!!! I don't understand why more women don't fish. Is it because they are afraid to get their nails dirty, or because they have to bait their own hooks? Please, give me a break and put a pole in my hand. To me it is the ultimate stress reliever. Besides taking care of my family there is nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing than FISHING. If women would learn to sling a line instead of lip they would be alot happier. When I'm fishing I forget about everything except catching the big one and if I don't catch anything .... There's always next time, So gone on girls, cast a line and give these guys some competion.
  2. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Shorte, good post. Judith and I fish together allmost every chance we get. Only problem is she usally out fishes me. But I gotta admit she smells better and is a whole lot better to look at than most of my buddys. She loves to go and can bait and run 48 jugs from the front of the boat by herself. She says to tell you i'm a computer hog or she would be on here talking to you LOL. So any way she says to tell you hey!

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  3. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    HA! thats the same thing Tammy's says too Spoon!
    She threatened to shoot me today to get me off the puter,so she could.
    Course , she turned her back and i jumped right on.LMAO!
  4. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    i think its great that wives enjoy the sport with their husbands
    its a very rewarding expieriance and it doesn't have to cost alot
    and the environment is healthy .
    i cant figure out why more women dont enjoy it .
    my wife seldom goes but her sister goes quite a bit and has landed some nice big fish .
    i guess to each his/her own huh?

    shorte what did the cat in the profile pic weigh?

    regardless of its size, its a nice catch way to go!!!
  5. davesoutfishing

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    Menominee Michigan
    I said it before .... I still think we need a Ladies spot in the listings I know it has been tried before but make it so the ladies can only get into it...I will admit Im one of those few that dont like going with the Wife fishing much I thinks it is due to have two daughters 3 females and one male in one boat?.....man thats tough to deal with...no disrespect ment to any of the Ladies but STOP MOVING AROUND lol

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Well My Wife Will Fish From Time To Time But My 15 Year Old Tom Boy Will Stop Everything For A Fishing Trip. And She Will Be On The Acats Tournament Trial As My Partner Her Biggest Blue This Year Is 22lbs.it Was Fun To See Her At The Ramp Show Guys Three Times As Old As Her How And Where To Hook Some Big Cats At. :d
  7. sassafrass

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    Big Flat AR.
    I don't know about other women but for me the problem is that I have 4 kids and not enough hands ( or patience) ta take them all at the same time. I spend all my time keeping them out of the water (and trouble).
    Haveing ta have a babysitter ta go fishing just don't seem that relaxing ta me.

    I also don't have the patience ta sit for hours and not be getting anything done. Thats the over achiver in me ya'll know the one that has us women up till 3 in the morning cleaning just before company comes.

    This is not a case were I don't like ta get my hands dirty or can't stand ta put the bait on. I have and still do all of that when i need ta.

    Before the childern came I would take a book or somthing and just sit with john when he fished.

    I just never got the bug. That do'nt make me any less a member of the BOC. I have just as much fun (and some times more) just watching and listening to all of the other member.

    RIVER-RAT Active Member

    MO / MT
    My wife will go every now and then but here recently I've been taken my 2year old little girl with me for a couple hour trips. She absolutely loves being in the boat and "fishing" with her SPONGEBOB pole. Any time she sees a fishing pole she grabs it and starts reeling it in saying "i get im daaee, i get im", watching her do this makes me SO PROUD! :D

    I plan on taken her more and more the older she gets and some day I hope she'll continue fishing with her 'ol man like TIM HAGEN'S daughter. Tim that's awesome!! :thumbsup:
  9. Cheryl

    Cheryl Well-Known Member

    I've been fishin' since before I can remember. LOL. May have been conceived on one of those hot July nights in 57 while my Dad was waiting on the big one. I love to fish and can fondly remember always going with my Dad even when Mom wouldn't go. Being a tom boy and a later in life child for both of my parents, who only had brothers, HOW else was I suppose to turn out? There was only one other girl in my neighborhood and she couldn't come out side because her Mom was ill. Years later another girl moved in from Ohio but she was in my same position. All brothers and a tom boy! LOL.
    Besides playing hard ball with the neighborhood boys and football, my favorite thing was to go hang at the store looking at the minnows and the assortments of bait until I got to actually go fishing again. We had a creek out back but I wasn't allowed in it or around it unless supervised while I was younger. The only thing I ever saw come out of that creek I didn't like were the dang crayfish. My brothers and neighborhood boys would catch them and chase me with them. Still can't stand crabs, crayfish, etc to come at me but can fish with them. LOL.

    These days I haven't gotten to go fishing for numerous reasons, but I guess I've allowed life to come first. Taking care of my Mother after her accident, work, and going without your soulmate just gets old. Watching him catch a catfish is pure pleasure for me. He reminds me so of my Father. Dad's been gone for 13 years but I'm still very much aware of all he taught me and the love we had for each other. Well I've rambled on enough. Gotta take a shower, watch a movie and prepare for work tomorrow. I don't watch much TV, but do rent the occasional movie. I can't name over 2 or 3 things I watch on TV from time to time.

    Keep on fishin', enjoy it and savor every second! :happ-big: :0a26: :grin-big:
  10. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    There are a lot of women that fish, they just don't talk about it like we do, LOL!!!
  11. trippyclwn

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    Chattanooga, Tn
    me and my wife have something in common in a way lol i fish and she loves to shop lol i am looking to bring in a big monster catfish and she is looking for the sale of a lifetime lmao i tried to get her to go fishing with me before but she gets bored too easily lol and then i get to hear "how long are we staying out here? lmao and after a while im ready to jump in the car and roll lol
    i do think more women catfisherpersons would be a welcome change :D
  12. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    My wife loves to catfish. She sometimes goes with her mother when I can't go because of work. She'll bait her own hook and remove the fish from her hook and put them in the basket. I keep trying to get her to learn to clean them...but she just says that I do a fine job. I'm also teaching my son and 4 girls how to fish. I tell my girls that theres no better way for you to get a good guy...learn how to fish. (I'm not telling them that it's also a good way to get a new fishing partner for myself...Lol. I also prefer that he has a nice cat or duck boat.)
  13. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    My wife will fish with me and the boys sometimes altho she isnt too keen on getting hands dirty LOL. Doesnt bother me sometimes it gets us out of each others hair (and I dont have too much left).
  14. elphaba7

    elphaba7 New Member

    Mo'town, WV
    I fish as much as possible. I take my kids, and I'm not afraid of the bait. ;) Now, if I could actually catch one... :glare:
  15. greg

    greg USCA - STAFF Staff Member Supporting Member

    GA/ Ia
    I myself would love to see more ladies fishing, but I think some men feel theatened by a woman fishing. I think they need to grow up and except it.

    I think I will change my motto " take a lady fishing"
  16. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    mine goes with me every chance she gets.i for onewould like to see more
    women fishing and it will probably relive some stress from house keeping
    and like greg said the do smell better and look better than some old hairy
    legged pot belly looking man.now here is where i will probably get flogged
    by some male members,WOMEN HAVE FASTER REFLEXES THAN MEN.
    KIRK :p
  17. bearcat

    bearcat Active Member

    Nokomis, Illinois
    I took my wife fishing once. She caught a bigger fish than I so I dont take her fishing no more. That is true to a point. She did catch a bigger fish than I. I still take her fishing. Just we have four kids and it makes it hard for her to get away. I am sure when the kids get older she will be fishing alot more. We fished all the time when we dated. She likes to hunt also.
  18. three_rivers

    three_rivers New Member

    Tupelo Ar
    Thats funny tim. Mine goes with me all the time and what your saying sure is true. One of the rods in the holder got hit i set the hook and started reeling him in. At about the same time a rod in the other holder bent over and i set the hook on that one and throwed the rod to her. She would reel a minute and stop. Reel a minute and stop. Meanwhile i reeled in a 6 to 7 pounder, take him off and throwed him back. When i turned around she had done give out reelin since we were fishing heavy current. I kind of laughed and said reel that fish in.

    Well soon as it came up i realized why. It was a nice 20 pounder. She also caught a 17 that day and a couple smaller.
  19. bearcat

    bearcat Active Member

    Nokomis, Illinois
    Hey Danny My wife and I went fishing on the cumberland river at clarksville TN. She caught to blues over 30 . I ended up with one around 20. We caught several other smaller blues but nothing bigger.
  20. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    my wife always goes fishing with me she is my fishing buddy. she can bait the hook rig her poles take the fish off clean the fish she does it all. there are times she outfishes me and times i outfish her we dont care we just enjoy the quality time toghter. she is one of the best trout fisherpersons ive ever seen and can catch a large mouth with the best of them. cats she loves to get too but is more of a trout and basser. now if i could just teach her to back the truck and trailer down the ramp so i dont have to go walk for it lol.