Why aren't the flathead catfish biting?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Catmaster, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

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    SE Kansas
    In my area it is pretty cold right now. So, I have been setting over 3 of my most favorite holes on the Neosho River in Souteast Kansas. It seems like I fish these places to death about every 3 to 4 days for most of 3 hours. But still I havent caught a fish over these holes for at least 5 weeks:mad: . (the holes are about 20 to 30' deep.) I am open to any info or techniques to help me with this.
  2. Dreadnaught

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    Like you said it is pretty cold right now and flatheads generaly go dormant in the winter months. Just wait till the water temps get up around 55 degrees and hold on to your hat brother!!!

  3. SangamonCatKiller

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    central illinois
    I read that in the summer an average flathead will move(not feed) one hour out of every 24. Take in to consideration that it is even worse in the winter, that is why you are unable to catch them right now. I would suggest a cut bait if you are going to continue to try and the deep water is your best bet. Don't give up, but, don't count on anything until it starts warming up a little.

  4. catter5000

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    I agree with Nick and JW, the only place I can even think about catching a flat is in the warm water discharge area below a dam.They may be caught in cold water lakes or rivers but I just ain't that good or lucky.Find a Dam and use live bait.This works for me on ocassion.So I usually just hunt for blues.