Why are you a catfisherman?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Kowegi, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Kowegi

    Kowegi New Member

    Everybody has a reason why they are catfisherman. What are your stories? My story starts back when i was 12...

    I was fishing on a decent sized farm pond on my uncles pond. I never caught a fish before in my life. I was told that there were only bass and bluegill in that pond, so i stocked up a small tackle box with what i thought was good lures. First i threw out a SS+ lizard, 20 minutes later i didnt get a nibble. I switched lures to a salty fluke. Still nothing. I rummaged through my tackle box and found one last package... Berkley Gulp, Turtleback worm. I thought to my self,"These are not going to work,". Still, i threw it out to the deep pond. SLAM! A fish took my lure and the spincasting reel started screaming, with the rod near its breaking point. I said to myself, "this isnt a bluegill!" All of a sudden, the fish jerked back and nearly pulled the rod from my sweaty hands! Finally, the tired fish gave in. i reeled it into the bank. On its face were 4 pairs of "whiskers". My Pa came to help me. He said it was a channel catfish. He weighed to 6 pounds and i unhooked the catfish to let him swim again.
    Ill never forget that day, That catfish was my very first fish.
  2. brother hilljack

    brother hilljack New Member

    Shelbyville, TN
    I am a catfisherman because they are compatible with my style of fishing. If I want to be aggressive, there is a style for that. If I want to relax on the boat, there is a style for that. If I want to sit on the bank in my chair all night with a fire and a cooler full of beer then there is defineatly a style for that. TRY DOING THAT BASS FISHING!!

  3. BKS72

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    East of KC
    They're big. They're in the river, and I like to fish the river about 1000 times more than a lake, no lures, I can sleep and still catch fish (thank you, guy that invented the bait clicker:wink:), getting bait consists of MORE fishing, and they're most active at night, which means there's even LESS people on the water during my prime fishing hours. Oh, I truly enjoy the look on people's faces when they tell me about the biggest crappie, ba$$, whatever it is they caught and I innocently show them the pic of the blue in my avatar. They're utterly blown away that there are fish that big in their backyard and that they can be caught. Good Luck~

  4. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I just enjoy the style of fishing catfishing is for me...Plus I live for the feel of a big flathead on my line.
  5. bwhupp

    bwhupp New Member

    I can catch catfish consistantly and suck at catching bass. Reason enough! :smile2:
  6. catfishcrazy256

    catfishcrazy256 New Member

    it all started as a kid with my dad loved it then ,love it now :wink:
  7. JAinSC

    JAinSC Active Member

    South Carolina
    Growing up in RI all we had around in the cat family were bullheads, and I really liked them, although I'd fish for everything from stripers and flounder to bass, trout and brim.

    When I moved to SC for school, I immediatley started chasing cats on the Congaree and Broad rivers near Columbia.

    I still fish for just about anything that swims, but cats are my favorite by far. Catfish suit my style (no metal flake bass boat for me!) and I just love the rivers they live in - truly some of the finest places on earth.

    Also really like the fact that the next fish could be 2 pounds or it could be 75. That really makes the whole thing more interesting.
  8. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    Because cat fish are big, bad and ruggedly handsome.
    They are worldly and wise and lead mysterious lives. They take charge, rule the roost and don't take any crap.
    In fact, they are quite like myself :cool2:...W
  9. CaptainBrad

    CaptainBrad Active Member

    North Dakota
    I started out as a walleye fisherman (and still am) but one summer gas prices got pretty high and the 200 mile drive to my favorite walleye lake was getting expensive every weekend. One Sunday afternoon my boss at the time took me and a buddy on the river right here in town. All I had was a MH walleye rod with 10# line. That first fish picked up the bait and began swimming away. I set the hook, the rod folded in half and the race was on. I fought that fish in the heavy current for what seemed like an hour.

    In the end I had caught my first catfish (only about 6 pounds) and destroyed my spinning reel. I was hooked at that point. The next day I went to the store and geared up properly. I spent most of the winter reading, watching videos and learning what makes a catfish tick so when summer came again I could put all the knowledge into practice.

    It is not a passion it is an obsession!
  10. brewfish

    brewfish New Member

    When I was about 10 years old I made friends with a kid whose grandpa owned 4 small catfish pay ponds and one huge pay pond with cats, bass & brim. I still can remember it to this day, 1.25$ per pound. Of course we never had to pay and sometimes people wanted fresh catfish but didn't want to have to catch and clean them. We were lucky enough to be given the "chore" of catching how ever many pounds of fish that these people wanted. The best part of it was we would then get a whole fifty cents per pound to clean them. What a life back then, getting to fish all the time and even making a little spending money in the process...oh to be a young boy again :0a18:

    This is without a doubt, what got me hooked for like on ol' Mr. Whiskers. We did this for about 7 years until i got out high school. Some of the best days of my childhood were spent floating in a little jon boat around that big old pond not know what we would catch next.

    I can remember learing a valuable lesson back then too about fishing 2 rods at once and not having them in a holder of some kind. I hooked into a nice fat cat one evening and about that time I look over at my other pole laying beside me on the bank and watch it go flying at mock 1 into the pond!! LOL, Amazingly enough I ended up getting the rod back a few weeks later. I caught a little kitty that managed to wrap the line from my pole around the line from the sunk pole, both the rod & reel were toast BUT.......the cat fish was still on the hook on the sunken pole! :smile2: LOL Now that's a double header.

    I may not remember what i had for dinner last week but i'll never forget memories like that. :wink:
  11. Reel_Blues

    Reel_Blues New Member

    When i was 16 or so me and a friend were fishing at a local dam. We were actually trying to catch the big carp we saw swimming around the bank the day before. Not knowing what we were doing we were using chicken livers. We had not had a bite for several hours so we werent paying much attention when the rod bent in half. We were using and old school salt water spinning reel with 50 lb. line back then we called it cat gut line lol. After about 20 mins i got it to the bank...... 64lb flattie. I have been an addict ever since!!!!!

    CNTRYBOY New Member

    Benton, Ar
    Why am i a catfisherman? Well, there are a number of reasons. mainly grew up catfishing old back water sloughs and such. Have a lot of fond memories growing up, sitting around the fire running jugs, trotlines, and yo-yo's when i was a kid. We would fish for gills and bass before dark, then set our lines out as night approached. Then we would get our lines in at sunrise and finish out the morning fishing for gills again.

    Catishing is a sport that offers a lot of versatile situations. They can be fished so many ways. Not to mention , I love catfish fillets and nuggets. I can also sit and enjoy the cool, quiet night,and gaze at the stars and just slip away from all the anxiety and stress that the everyday world throws at me.

    And since joining Catfish1 , it has even been better. Have made many of a friendships that will last a lifetime. If you have not experienced Catfish1 to the fullest, then i encourage each of you to try to attend at least one gathering and see what it is all about. I promise you will be hooked and ready for more than you ever thought you would be!!!
  13. alton

    alton New Member

    They are the biggest fish in the Mississippi River.
  14. Dave L

    Dave L New Member

    I have fished off and on most of my younger years, for anything.
    About 6 years ago a buddy of mine asked if I wanted to go fishing, he brought me to a spot on the bank of the river I do most of my fishing at. We never did catch alot of cats from there, mostly suckers and sturgeon.
    I guess the peace and quiet is what brought me back. Soon after, I bought a small jon boat so we could fish other spots. Then we started to catch cats, larger cats and then I fell in love with targeting cats. Since that time I had sold the jon and bought and sold another boat. I bought my current boat last spring.
    I guess it is all about getting away from the rat race to peace and quiet and the mystery of how big is it or what is it?. Now I try to hit the river at least 3 times a week weather permitting, season permitting.
  15. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I have always loved to fish ...even as a small child. I am addicted to catching BIG fish and since catfish grow larger here than any of the other fresh water fish in my area....I fish for them exclusively!:smile2:
  16. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    I started catfishing when I was a small boy. Learned to love it and its in my bones. I have fished Bass and Crappie tournaments circuts and had a good time. Catfishing has always been my favorite. Besides I have slowed down and enjoy the peace and quite of slow fishing. Now we have the BOC, and this brings the love of catfishing to a much higher level.
  17. willcat

    willcat New Member

    I always fished the rivers since i didnt have a boat. Wedidnt care if it was a gar or catfish as long as we caught something!!! Then about 5 yrs ago my b in law took me out on his boat, so i had to buy one for myself. Now its all about sitting on the lake w/peace & quiet all around that just soothes me to no end, whether i catch anything or not....I dont really eat much fish myself, i just enjoy fishing & cooking it for others who dont or cant go...thats about it
  18. Grimpuppy

    Grimpuppy New Member

    Concordia, KS
    A boat was a very rare treat when I was growing up. So most of my life was spent bank fishing. Catfish were the easiest fish to target from the bank when I was growing up. Catching catfish never grew old to me, so I have continued to do it.
  19. Kowegi

    Kowegi New Member

    ever since i caught that channel cat, I tried many diffrent types of fishing; bass fishing on a boat, panfishing, crappie, trout, but catfish still are on top of my list :wink:
  20. SangamonCatKiller

    SangamonCatKiller New Member

    central illinois
    I can't really say it was fatherly induced. As I was growing up I was so attracted to the sport of bass fishing. Then my friends dad took my out to the river one night, let me use some of his equipment and set me in a good spot. I really didn't know what I was looking for at the time so thank goodness for that. I must have fallen asleep sitting in that chair anticipating from all the talk they hade made prior to our getting down to the river. Well needless to say I woke up to my pole nearly being pried out of the holder! I set back on him and felt the true power, nothing like a bass. I was hooked ever after and have spent a few years since the original b.o.c, polishing up everything that i can. The fish ended up weighing only
    22 lbs but felt like a hundred to me at the time.