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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by s_self88, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. s_self88

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    Shawnee, Kansas
    I've been looking for a setup for when I start to pursue bigger fish. I don't want one of the huge heavy action rods. I was looking for something like an ugly stick. I saw that the Cabela's Whuppin' Stick Magnum is on sale for 29.99. The original price is 59.99. I have never seen this rod in person, but it looks good on the internet. Has anyone tried these or does anyone have any info on them? I'll probably be matching it with an ambassaduer reel, but not sure which model yet.
  2. TOPS

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    self88, That rod in my opinion will be a good rod. I am partial to ugly sticks. I have several of them.

  3. delawareriver

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    bath pa
    i can second it for ugly sticks but ive also seen these wuppin sticks and they look very good to me to.
  4. kscathunter

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    I have a regular whuppin stick and its pretty good and from what i read the magnum is a little stiffer and better made with the foam handels $29.99 ohh. :glare: I was thinking of getting a king kat for $19.99 but that magnum sounds good :confused:
  5. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Well...the magnum is not so magnum. Just from bending the rods over in the store and from a buddy owning the magnums and I the plain whuppin sticks. I would have to say the plain whuppin stick is stiffer. There also not as stiff as you might think. Although they maybe more stiffer then what your use too I use them more for lake fishing then anything. In my opinion if you are going to fish a strong current where big fish are you want something that is not going to double over just by the movement of the current. So before you are going to get one stop and think what kind of water's you fish. The rod is not made for no 5oz sinker. Although it will throw them.:) On the ugly sticks there just as flimsy unless you get a nice heavy duty tiger one.