Whose side are you on?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catgirl, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I was raised in a family where one side was Republican, the other Democrat.

    I was raised in a family where BOTH sides were Christian, but two different denominations.

    I was raised in a family where one said, "Go out and climb that tree!" and the other said "NO, it's too high and dangerous!"

    I was a "protected" little girl for the most part.

    However, I WAS taught ONE thing by BOTH sides (whether they knew it or not)....and that is, to have a MIND of your OWN!

    So, the majority of the time I don't sit around arguing. I enjoy a good conversation on any of those topics, but since I DO have a mind of my own I DON'T always see what other folks consider "talking" in the same way. There are times when some of my brothers and sisters here have bugged the you know what out of me! I just wanted to slam and bam 'em all over the place!

    BUT, I have a mind of my OWN. It sneaks in there and says, "HEY, wait just a minute now! You don't REALLY know where he/she is coming from, do ya? You SURE you wanna SAY that?" :roll_eyes:

    Sometimes that MIND does not win, the WILL does. :wink:

    I've often seen Catfish Commando say that negative comments will always win out, because folks LIKE to join in and complain. I HAVE seen that happen quite often......but I ALSO see folks who are encouraging and STRIVE to see the BEST in life.

    THAT is who I want to be. I may never change another person's mind about ANYTHING. I may never climb that highest MOUNTAIN. I may never go down in HISTORY.

    I'll prob'ly NEVER catch as big a catfish as some of ya! :big_smile:

    Everyone has their DAYS, me included. The DAYS lately haven't been the best for anyone, I realize that.

    Some folks think I only see things through rose-colored glasses (WOW, that's a good song! :cool2:). I only wish I DID.

    What would be the point in EITHER all of the time? And what is the point in only seeing what you DON'T like in a BOC member, or the WORLD? Does it make you feel BETTER?

    I can't delve into the psyches of EVERYONE I know here, can't say why they do WHAT they do......and I know that in the scheme of things, life will continue on the same path as it always has.

    I DO know that I am THANKFUL to live in the USA. Here, we have the opportunity to BE what we want to be, think what we want to think, and shop where we want to shop! :tounge_out:

    (Couldn't get TOO serious on ya!)

    The SIDE I am on is one of UNDERSTANDING.
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    Ok, now you can go out an climb the tree.:wink:

  3. ncfowler

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    Ok give me time to digest that, cat. I know what your trying to say but don't have much time right now because i need to go to work, one thing i can reply on is a intelligent person will always see a issue with a open mind and make there decision on fact and not emotions. I try to be this way but at times i will let my emotions move my fingers on the keyboard.
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    It is too bad that the multi "party" system even got started, wouldn't it be great to be able to choose a person based on his stand on issues, his morals, or his views, it would be different to elect a person whom you knew would do the right thing and not simply vote party lines when an important issue came before him/her---I see no need for the multi-party system, vote for the person, not a party affiliation, okay I am going to quit before I get started. lol
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    Poor Miss T. All she wanted was to be the Black Sheep, the Underdog, the one that was so different than everyone else. Sorry, girl, it didn't work.
    Instead, you turned out to be the one we turn to, whatever our need is. The one we admire an wish we were like. The one we can call friend an wear it like a badge of honor to make others jealous. The one we can count on to make our day, for Pete's sake!
    We know you started out with good intentions. Some things just don't turn out the way we want them to.
    Poor, poor thing.:wink:
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    I think I'm intellegent enough to just keep mum on this thread:wink:
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    My father, bless his soul, taught us boys about good over evil, do unto others as you would have then do unto you, two wrongs don't make a right, honor your mother, a lie will do you in in the end, if you take from society you should give something back to society, wear clean under ware everyday because you never know when you are going to have to go to the hospital, honor the President of the US of A, don't dip your quill in the company ink, and so on.

    Along the way, I'm sure I have violated a lot of his teachings, some out of ignorance, some under the influence of legal adult beverages and some out of anger.

    If it was not for bad news or controversial issues, the newspapers, radio, and national TV news would go out of business. As Paul stated, people thrive on the bad and pay very little attention to the good. If you heard a TV spot, that at 6 o'clock, they would be doing a story on the beautiful weather in 'Denver of the East' would you tune in? But, if they said a tornado came thru 'Denver of the East' and several homes were destroyed and a family of four died when their house was destroyed, sure you would and so would the majority of the masses.

    As for one parent telling you it was okay to climb a tree and the other saying it was too dangerous. Looks to me if they were offering you a choice, not an edict. When it comes to religious matters, I'm like the three monkeys (hear nothing, see nothing, do nothing), it's safer that way for me.

    Finally back to "Who's side are you on", it depends on the issues. If a fellowman is going to be hurt from the action, except in war, then I will have to think twice about it. If someone is going to benefit from it, I don't give it a second thought. Politics is a game within it's self and for some reason I'm on the losing side half the time. I thrive to be on the side of good over evil, being humble vs being a braggart. I'm on your side until you take me to the wood shed over something, then I lay low for a spell, send you nice PM's and rep's, then when everything settles down, I'm back to being my usual self.
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    Tanya ,you make some very good points in your post,i like to think my glass is half full,but at times i don,t but i try . I enjoy reading all your post an '' picking on you in chatt '' but any thing i say please don,t take it wrong i,m not as good with words as u r . If an when i feel strongely on a subject i will get the point across in such a way as it can not be misunderstood .It,s BOC members like u that makes this site so enjoyable
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    How do Tanya, thoughtful this morning are we or are we not?

    Not a poke, don't take it that way. Richard is the smart one here, he gonna stay out this. I have never been known to be too sharp as a tack so I'll stick in my dollar and a half here (Inflation ya know).

    Life's characters evolve from many complicated factors usually in combination. Whether female, male, social, regional, racial, economic, genetic, environmental, philosophical, parental, religious, era we might live in, et. al. in combination or total.

    This forums characters are no different than life's characters anywhere in our daily life and that is good, that is wonderful and that is sane or natural.

    Somebody very famous, unfortunately, once said "Can't we all just get along". Well one man's or woman's grits may be another man's or woman's chicken feed, depending on all those factors I listed. It ain't gonna happen that we all get along. Never has, never will anywhere that I can name, let alone this forum.

    If I don't like someone for who or what they are or think or do, I have two choices, stay away from them or get in their face. Just me. To me there is no alternative. There are too many other people who inhabit this planet for me to get too excited about one here and there and I will stick with "my kind" so to speak. No biggy. My big problem is I do understand them, in my way of thinking (whoever they might be or for whatever reason) and when and if I encounter that I then have to make the decision on how or whether they are worth understanding or not. Just so I do, and really that is all that counts.
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    Great post!
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    The Good Book says that the honor of kings is to search out a matter. So I do try to follow this advice, do my homework, and pick a side. It's important, however, to separate opinions and preferences from principles and truths. Principles are worth dying for, while opinions are worth the paper they're written on. :wink:
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    Over the years I have learned that very rarely will you change someones mind on something they believe in. I was raised up to look at both sides, and make my determination on which way I felt. Some people are raised up to believe in what their fathers and mothers believe in, and more or less brainwashed into thinking that way. I am not saying that is wrong, but I like to be myself, not someone else. I like a good arguement, as well as a good conversation...(married 22 years now), even stir up the pot a little, but when it comes to name calling, I am out of it, that is why I stay out of HI.
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    Having an open mind makes it difficult to be decisive. With a closed narrow mind one can make a decision and not have to listen to alternatives and possibly have someone change their mind. How simple.

    I guess what side I;m on depends on how I feel at the time.
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    The older you get the truer that is Tim! lol

    You know it all depends on who I'm addressing at the time. I could have two different people ask me for an opinion on the same matter and each answer might be completely different depending on what I think they needed to hear. Life is not black and white and shouldn't be lived as such. I find my greatest advice and pearls of wisdom given and received were dressed in varying shades of gray. What a dull and unimaginative world this would be if we only tried to please and appease without any tease. :wink:
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    You know I dont care about the side.As long as you can defend your thoughts,I really dont like it when somone makes what I think is some off the wall statement and then cant or wont defend it, or at least help me understand why they think that way.
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    i wish i could have been 1 of those people who thought the tree was to high .instead i was one who would climb any tree fight any battle no matter if i could win our not and it has taken its toll on me physically mentally emotionally . will i change dont think so been me to long .i reckon ill still climb that tree just worried on the way up now about falling . thks catgirl great thread