Whose fishin the James River Friday(20 Nov)

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  1. bluecat69

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    Tupelo, MS
    kdrennon7, his dad, ramon6 and myself have a little friendly bet going on for who will catch the biggest fish.
    Heres the rules, $10 per person (not per boat), 8 pole limit, catch fish from rod and reel only, photo of fish and photo of scales with weight (thanks to kenny's dad for some reason he thinks i cheat).
    We are meeting up at Dutch Gap at 8am and will fish til 3:30 pm. If anyone is fishing tomorrow and wants to meet some of the brothers and/or wants to throw some money down post here before 7am Friday morning and meet us at the boat ramp.
    Myself or Kdrennon7 will post some results with pics once all is completed.
    Hope to see a few people out there (unless u gotta do that 4 letter word tomorrow).
  2. Dallison

    Dallison Member

    I'll be at the Wilcox Wharf all day Friday...can't wait.
    I will not catch a monster but I'll enjoy a nice warm day in November. :dribble:

  3. ramon06

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    Dave by the look of that fish in your Avatar, you know anything is possible. Every big fish I have caught in the James I wasnt expecting to catch it. Just threw bait in a spot hoping something around 10LBs would bite so I could take it home to eat and my PB Blue and Channel came out of the same hole, same night, PB Flat came out of a spot the first time I fished there. When I'm concentrating on big fish all I catch are eaters when Im intending on catching food, or not paying attention or just relaxing on the phone talking to my girl thats when the big ones bite for me. Ya never know brother