Who's made bad tackle choices??

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    If thiers been a post like this forgive me. Im curious who has lost a big fish due to tackle failure? Like scimping on cheap tackle? Ive personaly lost two big fish because of cheap rods and insuficiant line strength. Both mistakes I take full blame for. Anyone else done this?
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    Heck, I thought that was a central part of the experience...:lol:
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    i think the answer is 'Anyone who has bought tackle'.........:big_smile:
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    Yep bought a new rod years ago for bassing, hooked into the biggest one ever up to that point,set the hook, pole broke cut the line and the bass swam away. I sat there in my boat and beat the rest of the rod to pieces on the side of the boat, then threw the handle and reel over board, yep one heck of a bad day, it was a good reel. Two weeks later sixty miles from where this happened, Im in the K-mart buying my first ugly stick and a guy said, I have to tell you about this guy hookin a large bass then the story above is what he told me. I told him that was why I was buying a new rod and reel. We both got a good laugh, he had been fishing on the bank.
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    I will have to agree with Pete on this, I know I have and if you have ever fished I know you have to weather you admit to it or not.
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    I bought some Mustad Kahle hooks from catfish connection, and they didnt seem very sharp, well i used them anyways, and i think i lost 2 nice fish due those stupid things....So needless to say i am getting new hooks, and not using the mustads anymore..!!!
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    Fishing rule: The biggest fish bites the weakest set up. Oh , how many time does it happen to me.
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    This subject always makes me LOL. about 23-24 years ago I had a few old spincast reel set ups I let other ppl use when they went fishing with me. I had just got a new abu R & R set up and me and a friend went fishing. We got set up and a few min's later I landed a nice eater size cat as I'm baiting up again I hear my friend say "OH man this is a big one" I looked over & that little rod was bent over end to end. I cast out and set my rod in the holder and I heard a loud pop and Ricky said "MF" I looked over at him & he was standing there with just the pistol grip in his hand. The rod broke right at the back of the handle and the fish took off with the rod & reel. Ricky was pissed and he told me it was my falt since I wouldn't let him us my good rods.LOL LOL Well needless to say the next time we went fishing Ricky had him a brand new abu R & R.
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    I been fishing for almost 50 years! A lot of cheap gear has gone through these hands! I have had a big fish on and have spinning reels snap off the rod, gears strip, poles break and then there is the cheap line breaking, snap swivils that have opened up or come apart and hooks so dull you could'nt pound them in with a hammer. I buy all top quality gear now and it's worth every penny to me!
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    Walter Flack
    I would say that the above statement would be more of "short comings" rather than called mistakes. At the time you bought this tackle and equipment, maybe it was because you're trying to stick with your budget hoping that it would get the job done without the high costs. You really dont know that its a mistake at that time, but afterwards through trial and error you learn what works and what doesnt work.

    I have purchased tackle and equipment of less known brands at cheaper prices that have had just as good or better quality. Also, on the flip side, I have fell victom from the " You Get What You Pay For" .
  11. wishiwasfishin

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    i like to think ya get what you pay for and i have bought some cheap stuff.
  12. RIP

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    Delta has said it right, I think thats every fisherman sooner or later.
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    I guess we all have bought crappy stuff trying to save a penney or two. A couple years ago I bought some off brand hooks at walmart, Was trying to keep cost down because I snag and lose so many. I lost several fish before I trashed the rest of the hooks. They weren't tempered correctly and were breaking right the middle of the bend. I usually try to buy better quality gear, but sometimes I still buy the cheaper stuff. I don't skimp on line or hooks though, have lost more decent fish with cheap line than any other reason.

  14. slimepig

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    was my oversight not the rod or my friends fault. several yrs ago i took a buddy down to the coast fishin for reds n trout. he didnt have anything for saltwater so i bought a new eagle claw rod and let him use it. first rattle outta the box he set the hook on somethin and the rod broke about halfway between the tip and reel seat. i was a lil purturbed that he broke my new rod since ive never had a bad eagle claw rod. anyway i stored the rod away with all the other rod pieces ive collected over the years and havent thought about it since until here while back i started learnin how to wrap and repair rods. i got that old rod out to fix it and while i was messin with it i saw on it that it was only rated for 2-6 lb test line. lol, it didnt look like an ultralight rod, but now i know to read the specs on rods before i buy em.
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    you know some of the issues that have been had and blamed on crappy tackle selections and people have lost fish because of it are really because the tackle was poorly constructed... But alot of the time its also due to angler error...

    That light line broke because of the drag being set to high for the line (now i know it could also be crappy line, but thats why you don't buy the $.50 400000000yd spool and go with a reputable name like berkley or berkley 2 (stren) with some of their cheaper lines) I use the BPS WWS camo line for my 4lb test line and i've never had a fish break off while i'm fighting them... I've had them break of on the strike (my fault for not retying after the last 2 fish or just the last one) and i don't go and blame the tackle...

    If the rod breaks its also usually because of user error...wrong angle when the fish is close to the shore or again had the drag set too tightly... or showing off how flexable the rod is and putting pressure in the wrong spot and it breaks... the rods are meant to work under certain conditions and in certain ways... you can't force it to do something its not made to do and has no right doing...

    With swivels, esp snap swivels, the more expensive ones aren't made any better or with better materials esp if the design is the same exact one as the cheaper ones... They will break the same way...

    Hooks breaking is about the only thing i can think of where more name brands are better... although i still prefer eagle claw and Gamakatsu's over all others if im left with out a choice i'll go with name brand (except for snelled for bluegills, then it matters about as much as whether your wearing a pink thong, like the guy in the boat commercial, or a pair of silk boxers)

    Its just about chosing the right (for the situation, not nessessarily the most expensive) gear and setting it right... you'll lose less fish and be alot happier
  16. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    My biggest mistake Ive made so far catfishing was ignorance about my tackle.
    I was using a 3 way swivel and had on the biggest fish of my life. All my tackle was brand spanking new including my line. My drag was set perfect.
    Monster fish... after a few minutes, the line went slack.
    Pulled in my rig with what is now a 2 way swivel with the 3rd part still with the fish along with my hook and 80lb test leader line.
    Found out you have to check them swivels for defects from the factory.
  17. laidbck111

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    I think at one point are another either out of necessity are ignorance we have all bought something that failed us while fishing. Its not always tring to save money like yesterday some how my organizer with all of my hooks disappeared probably to the bottom of the lake and I had two choices go home are the marina. The marina carried hooks but not my brand and what happens later thats right Ihook into somthing with a littlt size ans the hook gets straightened out not once but three times.
  18. Majesticman

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    You said it bud. I lost a personal record fish because I got cheap on the line. The line was rated strong but when I tested it it had no strength at the knot and broke.
  19. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    just curious... how'd you know it was a PB when you didn't land it?
  20. renegadecatfishing

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    We have all made the same mistakes, more recently for me was delaying for one more fishing trip changing leaders, a nice 20+pound blue broke it in open water, I change my leaders often now.