Who Taught You How to Fish??

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  1. puddle jumper

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    We all have the same thing in common, we love to fish and some one got us started somewhere in our past..

    For me the love of fishing came from my Dad, However he was strictly a salt water guy, a surf fisherman or off the pier when I was with him, So I can remember standing next to him in the waves when I was probably three yrs old watching the sun come up when we where on vacation trying to catch bull whiting,, or anything else that would hit a piece of cut shrimp on the bottom,,

    That love worked out well for me when I was in the Navy and the Coast Guard "I was in both" and I got better at catching a lot of different fish over the years, but when I got married, out of the guard and was now land locked I had to learn a whole new style of fishing,, Fresh water,:eek:oooh:, and man they are really not the same as what I was used to...I guess that’s why I like to fish for cats like I do its the closes thing to bottom fishing in salt water,,, also when Peanut " Alison, my daughter " got old enough to fish with me it gave me a chance to spend some one on one time with her...

    Not being all that good at fresh water fishing, and I wanted to get Peanut actually catching fish not just floating around with me "Which is cool some times as well" I was looking for a place to learn and I turned to all the mags I could get and the internet, Some where along the way I stumbled onto you guys, l found out there where guys out there that would help you out with anyway they could, and there was a world of knowledge on here, all you had to do was just read and ask.. so I read and learned and got to where I could catch a few fish "sometimes":wink:

    So that’s my fishing story in a nut shell,,
    and I try to show anyone I can , To pay back, What people along the way where great enough to teach me,, :smile2:

    Thanks You,,
    For all the folks and friends on here that helped me out along the way..

    So how did you learn to fish, Who taught you and got you started???

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  2. Fishmaster1203

    Fishmaster1203 New Member

    My uncle started taking me fishing for channel cats on the Altamaha River when I was six years old.

  3. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I am mostly self taught.
  4. RamRod

    RamRod New Member

    Was taken out when I was a young un by my father!:wink:
  5. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    As a kid my parents never fished, ate fish, or would even let a fish in the house let alone cooking some.

    At nine years old my friend use to fish with his dad and tell me about it all the time. I wanted to go but my parents wouldn't let me. Finally we snuck to the lake one day to fish and I caught my first shiner on a dough ball......This was my point of no return...I was hooked.

    I continued to sneak around and fish until my parents caught me.....and yea, I got my arse beat for it and was told to never return. Still against their word, I still fished. Eventually my parents told me if I would take swimming lessons I could fish. At 10 years old I took lessons at the Amityville beach on Long Island and became a Jr.Lifeguard by 13 years old. Sometime before that my parents finally gave up and let me go, after all, I knew how to swim before took lessons.....they basically ran out of excuses.

    My next problem was getting fishing equipment....my parents sure weren't gonna buy it for me. So next I did what kids did back then...dilivered the newspaper, Long Island, " Newsday " paper and also the " penny savers ".. By then I was saltwater fishing, saved up, and bought a bike, 2 rods, 4 crab traps, a drag net for bait, and all the tackle I needed. I remember peddling my bike 2 miles with everything on it,LOL...I wish I had a pic.....poles, traps,nets, all hanging off the bike ready to rock and roll.

    Everything I learned was on my own. I asked people at the dock, lakes, bait shops...everywhere I just paid attention and asked who ever was willing to give advice. My parents really didn't like me fishing, protective I guess. I remember my mom got mad because I brought fish home ( that's a no-no ) for the neighbor. I also didn't clean it all up and I guess she could smell fish...she warned me, and did what she said she would......She took all my stuff, threw it in the highway, and yea, it all got ran over.

    During the those years I wrote newspapers and talked to the Amityville treasury department where my friends dad worked about cleaning our little lake ( Avon Lake ). I organized a weekend lake cleanup to where the kids and parent cleaned the lake and the city would flip the bill to pick up the trash. It was a very proud moment in my life seeing all those kids with ropes and hooks dragging out tires, shopping carts, and everything else. The road side was filled with trash !! I was told by the city that I managed to clean more of that lake than any other time in the lakes history.

    This is where my conservation mind comes from and to this day my kids and I clean every fishing spot we go to and release all the fish we can.

    At 14 we moved to Florida where I chased bass, cats , and all the salt water fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually I moved here to SC and still................I fish my butt off non-stop. My kids are just like dad.....love to fish. I'm a really proud dad to watch them soak it all in. It makes me sad to think how I was treaded as a kid but now that I have my own, I've forgiven what has been done. It just doesn't matter anymore. If anything I have a lot of pride and confidence in what I do ; )

    Here is a few clipping from the " Amityville Record ", a local paper.

    I'm on the left......around 1980 give or take a year


    Gone fishing....
  6. kyredneck

    kyredneck New Member

    I'm probably 95% self taught; my older brother introduced me to fly rodding when i was about 8; Dad worked all the time, day & night & weekends, but he did manage to take us (4) to Douglas Lake a few times to troll for crappie and sauger in a little cramped up 12' v bottom boat, I didn't enjoy it much then (i would now i think) but he did and we always managed to bring home several messes of fish. The BOC has probably had more influence on me than anything though. Thanks to all of ya.
  7. shadguts

    shadguts New Member

    For the most part I have been self taught and had some sucess but never consistantly caught fish. I have always tried for the catfish. My dad took me a few times when I was young but not very many times. He did have some fishing gear and would let me use it, except for the Browning rod and Diawa Millionaire that was off limits. My family encouraged me to fish but they were not into fishing. I fished the Tennessee River and some creeks and lakes for years. I decided to give the Mississippi River a try but had now idea where and how to fish it. I thought I'd save a little time by hiring a guide to show me the ropes. It was the best move I have ever made. Not all guides are as willing to share imformation but the one I was lucky enough to hire was more than helpful. I told the guy that morning that I didn't even care if we caught fish I was more interested in learning more about those big cats and trying to be more consistant. I was upfront with him on what I wanted from the trip. I learned more in that 10 hours (supposed to have been 8hrs) than I had my whole life previous to this trip. To me it was "Big Blues 101". We caught a few fish one being about 30lbs. I have a great sense of gratitude for him. Sense then I have learned alot on my own based on the things I got from my guided trip. I have also learned alot here on the BOC. Unlike the guided trip the things I've learned here have been free. I have also met a couple pretty good fellows with the same passion as me.
  8. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    My mother was the one that got me hooked on fishing. While dad was off at work she and I would go to the creek by our house and we would catch 3 or 4 fish mostly bass or suckers. We would bring them home and mom would clean and fry them for supper. I was probably 3 or 4 at the time and those memories still linger in my mind. I could always catch more fish than dad when we would go fishing as a family, because he didn't have the patience to fish like mom had taught me.
  9. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    My grandparents live on Beouf River in Louisiana, Each summer and alot weekends I would go with them on that rive, Had some good times on that river.
  10. tnvol

    tnvol New Member

    Great thread. My grampa taught me how to fish. I think I had a fishing pole in my hands before I could even walk. Some of my earliest memories are he and I digging worms in the woods and going catfishing. I can remember learning how to cast and bait my hook. I remember going through his tackle box on a daily basis thinking it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. He was so patient with me. lol He was my number one role model when I was growing up and I still miss him more than anything. I think of him everytime I go fishing. I wish he was still around so I could take him out to some of my favorite spots.
  11. bnewsom71

    bnewsom71 New Member

    My grandpa taught me how to fish in a small drainage ditch that borders his property. The ditch ain't much to look at, but man there's some really nice fish in it. The good ole days!!! I have already posted the pics on another thread, so here is a link.

  12. Dirtdobber

    Dirtdobber Guest Staff Member

    Vian Okla
    My Dad and Granddad. From what Mom tells me, they took me about the time I started walking I couldn't fish at that age, but I was there.
    The first I can remember is fishing in my Dad and Granddads bait tank. They kept perch for trotlines and I would catch the perch and put them back to catch again.
  13. arkrivercatman

    arkrivercatman New Member

    My Dad.
    He was a Carpenter, and worked ALOT. He always managed to find time to go fishin. Christmas mornin we would unwrap presents and then he was out the door.:smile2: Didnt matter what the weather was like, he was goin fishin.
    Im grateful that he did, because he passed away 3 years ago tomorrow. He was only 49 years old.
    He taught me alot about catfishin, because thats pretty much all he fished for. I was fishin before I could walk.
    When I was a baby he would heat my bottles up on the exhaust manifold of the truck.:smile2:
    I grew up fishin below a HydroElectric Dam in OK. He was the MAN down there. If he wasnt catchin cats, no one was.:wink: In fact, we spread his ashes below that dam when he passed. Thats how much he loved fishin there.
    He was known for being hardcore. We didnt have a lot of money so he would go without food, just to go fishin. That kept alot of people from goin with him.:smile2:
    He was an Airborne Ranger in Vietnam, and I think that carried over to his fishin. He would stay in the boat for 48 hours, or more, at a time. He would sleep with the rod in his hand. He would go days without eatin if he had to.
    Im not that Hardcore, but I am more than most.:smile2:
    He taught me most everything I know about fishin. I am eternally grateful.
    Its something that I can do to enjoy myself, and to keep out of trouble.
    He taught me how to fish for cheap. Imake my own sinkers and catch my own bait. I only buy line and hooks and the gas to get there.
    I miss him more than anything. Its not easy to lose a Dad, especially when they are your fishin buddy.
    But when I want to spend time with him, I will be at the river.:wink:

    Here are a few pics of me and him.

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  14. andrew76

    andrew76 New Member

    southwest ohio
    Well its between my late grandpa and late father god bless them both!!!
  15. rhuffman

    rhuffman New Member

    My dad took me all the time when I was younger. I never really liked it then but I learned a hell of alot from the guy. Got big into it when I turned 18 and been doing it 11 years since. Now I'm just starting to teach my daughter and I'm thankfull every day for him getting me started.
  16. brew1961

    brew1961 New Member

    West Virgi
    My dad taught me how to fish. My first trip to the river I fell in and was sent home.:eek:oooh: We mostly fish for carp and catfish. We mostly fished for channel cats from shore. Then my dad got his first and last boat. We fished for catfish and bass. The picture is a small musky he caught on an ultra light and 6LB. test.

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  17. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    My mother put the worms on for me when I was a toddler.
    My young friends later shared the wisdom of their fathers.
    Trial and error helped through the years.

    But with out a doubt! The brothers here on the BOC........ have made me the great cat fisherman that I am today! :wink:
  18. Swampfox.

    Swampfox. New Member

    my brother bobby and I grew up watching bill dance,jimmy houston, and roland martin. I was ten he was seven. we would venture out on our own, find a pond or the river we lived close to in richmond hill Ga.[ogeechee river] then we would see who could get the first fish. It was many trial and error. The first fish was caught by my brother, a catfish. he was using a simple bottom rig w/ a worm. It was the first time we had ever seen a cat before and little did we know about it. to keep it from bouncing on the bank, bobby steps on it to keep it still, and finds out quickly you cant do that. I had to pull the fish out of his foot. There were many times though the years that one of us got stuck from time to time, but that never detered us from going back again and again. As I got older I fished many other spiecies fresh and salt water. I always find myself back fishing for cats, their just to much fun to catch.

    BIGCATFISH64 New Member

    My dad did, I always looked up to him when I was little, and wanted to do everything he did, he's gone now a brain tumor got the best of him a couple years ago and I miss him, He's got a heck of alot better fishin' hole now I bet!!!:0a23:
  20. smokey

    smokey New Member

    The 1st fishing trip I remember was with my dad.it really wasnt a fishing trip,but my dad and I went surf fishing when he came home from a charter trip. I was just 5 years old and the 1st thing I cought was a blue crab.But I will never forget how much fun we had.He passed befor we could ever get to go fishing again.Then my uncle Nat took me fishing and got me hooked.The 1st time I went fishing with him a cought a 17 inch bass on a cane pole!!That summer he got me a Johnson Centery reel and that was all it took.I have fished sence then Thankx Uncle Nat. and thankx for this thred.