Who Remembers?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. MRR

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    Just sort of wondering who all remembers what they were doing or where they was at on 9/11/01?
    Myself I was driving a truck headed for St Louis to pick up some products for a company in Montgumrey City,Mo. I was going down 64 listening to the radio and not a very good radio at that.Anyway I thought I heard them say a plane had ran into the World Trade Center.At the time I thought it had been just a plane crash ,till I got to where I was going and found out then. It really shocked me,took a while for me to really believe what was going on.At least till I got home that night and saw it on TV.Then I got mad.GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!
  2. field989

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    east central indiana
    Yep Sure Do

    I Was Goin To School(my Mom Was Taking Me) And We Were Listening To 98.9 The Bear And I Heard Them Say There Was A Plane That Came From Nowhere And Flew Into One Of The Towers

    And I Was In Elementary School

    And I Didnt Really Believe It But No One At School Believed Me But The Next Day They Did And The Weird Thing About It Was That They Said It Before The Time They Said They Hit The Towers

    But Yes I Still Remember It


  3. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    I Was At Work On Break When We Heard It Come Across The Radio,don't Think The 5 Of Us Even Touched A Paint Brush The Rest Of That Day.we Didn't Want To Miss Anything. What A Sad Day................................................
  4. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    it was a very sad day indeed
  5. Sentry Dog Man

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    I remember very well. I was on my mail route and had my ham radio on. And, as I was stopped and moving some mail up and talking to a couple of my Ham buddies. One of them said they were watching the TV and said that a plane had just crashed into one of the towers. I thought at first that it was an accident but then just a few minutes later, when the other other plane hit. I knew it was not a conincidence.
  6. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    I was in 6th grade, and at school when it happened I think, but when I got home is when I found out, my dad told me. I couldn't believe it, and after a few minutes of being in shock about it, I got really mad.
  7. Rainman4u2

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    I was at work, and watched in shock and horror has the towers fell while I was standing in the break room. I must admit it felt right to go the Fire Station that night.

  8. Kyle

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    Kansas City - Olathe
    I was attending an Auto Tech college, and went outside for a cigg (back when I still smoked) and someone told me about it..I went home for lunch and saw it on CNN, and thats when I realized the full magnitude of it. I was just filled with anger. Didn't go back to school that day (or ever after that). That afternoon I went straight to the Army recuriters office..they wouldn't take me for med reasons, but a short while later I snuck into the Marines..hahah.
  9. olefin

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    We were on our daily walk, a neighbor came by in a car, stopped and ask if we knew a plane had crashed into the WTC towers. We cut our walk short and got home to the TV to watch the horror that would forever change our country.
  10. kbgrillin

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    I was at work. I was on break with a co-worker and heard it on the radio. It took the enjoyment out of the break. I looked at my friend and said,"Here we go". It was a sad day.
  11. Locke

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    I was a freshman in High School during Biology class when my teacher got a call and he had this stunned look on his face. He told everyone we were under attack and turned on the TV for us to watch CNN.

    It was really scary because you didn't know then that the attacks were going to end after a few planes. It could have been a massive attack all over the country and all the people around me had that same afraid look on their faces.
  12. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    I was at work and the news started around the plant. A few minutes later our company president called all of us (350 or so) to the cafeteria to tell us what details he had been able to find out about. We had prayer and he said that anybody that wanted to go home could go. There wasn't much accomplished the rest of the day, we were all around radio's and internet news sites trying to find out what we could. Sure was sad.

  13. dafin

    dafin New Member

    I was at home watching it on TV .There is not a that day goes by that I don't think about the people that lost their lives. May they rest in peace.
  14. janton311

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    Wichita Kansas
    I remember very well...I was off of work that day and my wife called and woke me up to tell me...I didnt believe her till i turned on the TV and it was on every station...Very sad day
  15. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    I was working for a Honda Company and spent all day in the lunch room watching the TV. Tried to threaten to write us up but they never went through with it. Very sad events that day.
  16. copycat

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    New Jersey
    I watched it unfold on TV that morning. Couldn't believe what I was seeing when those towers fell. I will never forget it.
  17. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    I was I-29 South heading to Kansas City Missouri taking my daughter to the doctor.I remember there were cops all over the road acting like they for sure ment business.I finally turned the radio on to lister to music and got the shock of my life.That was a very scary day for me,all airports shutdown Hiway poatrol everywhere you look.Needless to say I was very happy to get home.Then we started getting all these cartoons on line of the stealth and they were begging Osama"s to put up his planes so we could blow em up.Yes all a scary day indeed!----------------pk:angry:
  18. Coyote1

    Coyote1 New Member

    I was on the phone ordering some fishing supplies and the lady on the phone told me about it at the time it was happening. I turned the TV on in time to see the second plane hit in real time!
    I told the lady I would call back with my order and hung up the phone in shock! I remember I called the wife and told her about it and she turned the TV on where she was at.
    I remember feeling V-E-R-Y MAD! Wishing I was again 25 years younger, ready to launch off the carrier deck with a mission to do! The frustration of knowing I was too old to fly combat aircraft left me with tears of frustration that are still hard to hold back every time I think of that day!
    I would have given up a lot of years of the rest of my life to have been able to have to call "Fox 3" and stop one of those aircraft from hitting the towers!! Yes, I know, I would have been killing a couple of hundred American Citizens too, but I can't help but think they would have understood and agreed. I know I would have and if the truth is ever completely told, I think that is exactly why that one plane went down in the ground! The Americans on board decided that their plane was NOT going to kill any other of the INNOCENT Brother and Sister Americans if there was anything they could do about it. As history has shown, "THEY DID DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"! Those are the Real Hero's! The Very Same Kind That Have Made Our Country The GREATEST Country In Known History! And in about 200 years too! Not the Roman empire, not the British Empire, in all of their years of existence, ever matched what "We The People" have done in about 200 years!
    Yes, we have our problems. Every country does! I've visited and lived in other countries. I've seen how other people live and for ALL of our faults and troubles, I give thanks each and every day that I was Born, Bred, and Raised, A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N; AMERICAN and 100% so too!
    Sorry I got a bit carried away, sometimes my Heart makes my mouth, or in this case my "claw-tips", get a bit long winded at times.
    Fraternally and Sincerely,
    [[[[[End of Post; But NOT the ANGER]]]]]
  19. ka_c4_boom

    ka_c4_boom New Member

    i was in charge of a crew of 15 had 3 houses to close that day and everybody left , all were scared of war (nuclear) . so i ended up touching up paint in two houses that day , didnt get done till 11:30 pm that day tourned out being a 16 hour day , was back the next mornin and finished the 3rd before 9 am . it was a tragedy what happend
  20. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    I was making a delivery to a medical center in Albany New York. My dispatcher called me to let me know what was happening, and told me to get out of Albany and bring the truck back to the plant ASAP. Troopers were everywhere on I-87, which goes from Albany to the city., and north to Canada. By the time i got back all traffic had been stopped on I-87 going into N.Y. city. It seemed like the whole State of N.Y. shut down with the exception, of the police, the military, and emergency vechicles.That day is burned into my memory,i dont think i ever felt so helpless in my life. I remember sitting in front of my tv, wishing i was young enough to go back in the service. My wife and i spent a lot of hrs praying on that day. NEVER, NEVER, FORGET!!!!