White Water State Park (Georgia)

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    Yesterday on my way home from work I decided to swing by the white water state park just between Reynolds and Oglethorpe Georgia. When I got to the park, lo and behold they had opened the damn up and the lake was pretty much drained except for the main channel of the white water creek and of course there where pockets of water mixed in with tree stumps which scattered around the lake bed itself.

    I cast out a few time below the dam with some artificial bait but no hits. I then headed up and from a couple of the docks above the damn was able to cast out into the main channel. It was quite interesting to see the topography of lake. I was just there for about an hour and no luck but I did have an idea which I wondered what others might think.

    When they opened the damn up like that what happens to the fish? Sure quite a few, maybe most head on downstream, but surely there are pockets of maybe bream or other species still hunkered down in some of those pockets of water / holes left after the drain.

    It just so happens I picked up a set of waders last week. This seems like an ideal application for the waders since I can wander out between the tree stumps and fish in places that can’t be accessed from the bank and of course no way a boat could be used.

    So… sounds like a good idea? It’s not a large spot, maybe 150 yards wide, maybe half a mile long. Not sure what all fish would remain. Previously I was told there were bass, bream, cats (not sure what variety) etc, and I did even see one pickerel.

    Anyway, just wonder if at least some fish stay behind when they open a damn like that on a smaller lake.
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    Kathleen G
    I kinda think it would be a good time to check the holes for what ever stayed behind cause they would probley hide like in low current

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    Be damn careful with those waders !!!! Dont go alone !!!! Hate to see you get stuck in the mud or worse get sucked into the mud:eek:oooh:.