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    Blew off work Monday and fished the White River N. of Noblesville. Channels are moving up river to stock up for spawning. Got 3 channels CPR'ed on cut shad and rockbass. The stocked channels from after the fish kill are averaging 10 to 12 pounds this year. However, I don't think they are reproducing well. I can't seem to catch any channels under 5 lbs to release into Lake Crisco. Got 30 plus smallies all CPR'ed and a two man limit of rock bass for table fare. The rockbass are so thick this year we caught 50 keepers and a lot of throw backs. They were all caught 10 feet in front of us in the same spot on pretty much every cast any color. They need thinned out. It's getting hard to catch anything else before they get to the bait or jig. Still a big goose egg on flaty's for the year. Fish on Bro's

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