White River In Indy

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    Are there good places to bank fish the White River, and catch fish lol, in the Indy Metro area? I usually go down to Morgan county or somewhere south but on those days when I don't have time it would be nice to go somewhere a little closer. I live in Southport at the I65 and Southport road area. So if anyone wants to share some spots and how to get there it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    There are spots all over Indy which you can bank fish from on the White. I usually fish the Broadripple area and up north around 96th Street, but there are places you can fish from downtown off of White River Parkway. I've only been out that way a couple of times so I wouldn't be much help. You can access the river from the park off of 96th and Allisonville. There's some nice holes back that way and it just takes some searching to find the right ones. Broadripple offers some bank fishing, mostly south of the dam. There's access to bank fishing behind the art museum there and off of Westfield Blvd.