White River access in Knox County area

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    Hello BOC Members,

    I am looking for some information on access to The White River in the Knox County area. I am planning on making a trip down next month and would like to know if anyone fishes that stretch and might be able to give advice on where a good launch site would be. I have a 14ft flat-bottom jon with 25/20 outboard jet, so shallow water is not an issue. good luck to everyone this year...................Mike:)
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    Bicknell, IN
    Hi Mike, There are four access points all four are concrete ramps.
    1. Hwy 358 east from Edwardsport soon as you cross river into Davis Co.
    2. Hwy 50 between Wheatland and Washington coming from Wheatland going east cross river go to first road Maysville road turn left (north)on Maysville road go to T turn left (west) follow sign to public access.
    3.Hwy 61 between Monroe city and Petersburg.
    4.Hwy 41 south to Hwy 56 north on Hwy 56 about 2 Miles to Hazelton ramp is in middle of town just before you cross RR tracks.
    I really can't tell you where to try I've been told the one on Hwy 358 go up stream some deep holes past power plant.
    From Hwy 50 go up stream around railroad trestle suppose to be good holes.
    From Hwy 61 go up stream behind power plant stay to the power plant side of island.
    No idea about the one at Hazelton.