White river 2/28/2006 Martinsville area

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  1. sam

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    Martinsville IN
    White river 2/28/2006
    The white river in Martinsville was just a little slow today, but myself and Scott did catch a few fish.
    Scott caught a carp which was 15 lb. and a nice 3 or 4 lb. channel cat.
    I also caught one small channel cat, and lost another at the bank. The carp was caught on corn, and all catfish caught were taken on shad guts. Seemed like the bloody bait was what they wanted. Fish would nibble sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes before taking the bait.
    We did try nightcrawlers and crawdad tails with little success. Fish were slow to bite. We had several other nibbles but no takers.
    Water was 46 degrees and slightly stained.
    A little chilly this morning, but after it warmed up and the wind quit blowing it was a nice day to get out.
    Thanks Scott, it was a pleasure !!!
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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    good job sam, that's better then i've done this year for catfish, although i've only been out for them twice this year. i guess it's time to head over to the river soon.