White perch moving

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    Today I found some white perch is little pocket off of larger coves in 12 to 18 feet of water. The small threadfin, their bait of choice on LKN, moved a little shallower due to the lake temp. dropping and the perch followed them. I got 30 some in a little over an hour, mostly on my jigging spoon and a few on my Sabiki Rig. Called my bud and he and his wife came out and got 60 some in a hour and half.

    Catfish bite is a little slow due to the extra fresh water or the water temp. dropping, don't know which. Believe it or not, LKN has very little muddy water below the Hwy. 150 bridge.

    I am taking a renowned striper fisherman (Rawhide) perch fishing in the AM, watch them little buggers move out on me and try to make me look bad. They can run, but they can't hide, there is just so many of them.