White perch at Wateree Creek

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  1. NABO

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    Hey, What is the best way to find good number of white perch out of Wateree Creek?

    1. How?......Sabiki Rig or what? I dont have equipment to do drifting and I know that Sabiki Rig works better while drifting.

    2. Where?......what is the best location and depth?

    I was able to catch couple of small ones in my cast net. I fileted them to use as bait for catfishing and got good results. Problem is that I couldnt get enough of white perch. (I got a lot of good size shad but catfish didnt want them....used white perch as bait and it went crazy!!)

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    Well NABO, thanks for givin my long kept secret to all the guys on this site. :smile2: Sometimes they will move on ya, but i always do pretty good out from the bank in 10-12ft of water, sometimes in coves, off points, etc. Just try different depts. I usually put 2 hooks above the lead and fish on bottom using little pieces of night crawlers. he lead will be on bottom and put 1 hook about 6 inches above the lead and the other about 6-10 inches above that hook. Most of the time they are close to bottom but when they play hard to get i kind of move it up and down real slow.
    Sometimes if the wind is not blowin hard i will drift for them, once found they are easy to catch. Hope this helps