White perch anyone?

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    On LKN it is time to transition from striper's to white perch to the mighty cat. Currently there are plenty of white perch in Beaver Dam Creek behind the rear island and they can be found in 30 feet of water. In Little Creek the best spot is in front of the shoal marker in 30 to 35 feet of water. Stumpy and Skippers Creeks are holding plenty of white perch in the center of the channels, which happens to be 30 to 40 feet.

    Small pieces of night crawlers on a multi-hook setup is out performing the Sabiki Rigs and the jigging spoons. Crappie minnows will catch you a bunch of perch on the multi-hook rig. It appears to me that I and others are catching a slightly larger perch than we did last year. Treat yourself to some excitement by using ultra lite gear.

    In case some of you have never tried eating perch, irregardless of size, they are great.
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    Thanks Blues ; I will be giving them a shot at Baden ,Mon./ Tue. nxt week.

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    If I had a way to get out there, I might make the run. My only hope is that I can figure a few of the big ones in the White Oak and Neuse River systems figured out this year.