White Oak Lake

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  1. LoneStarCatter

    LoneStarCatter New Member

    Anyone ever fish White Oak Lake? Got any tips, do's or don'ts that might help me out? I'm new to the area from Texas and want to find a decent place to do some fishing.
    I'll be there tomorrow with the wife trying to catch some channels for the frying pan. Thanks.
  2. whisker maniac

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    I used to fish white oak quite a bit. Caught my pb bass there 20 yrs ago. I haven't been there in years so I don't think I can help ya much. If it's like it used to be tho, they used to fertilize the lake after or around memorial day every year and that usually killed the fishing. Didn't kill the fish but they just wouldn't bite. There are some big carp in there too.:eek:oooh:

    Are ya'll camping at the state park there???

    My Dad always liked to fish on the upper lake and I always liked the lower lake. The lower lake is where I caught my big bass.