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    They don't get much attention and I can see why. They are generally mistaken for a channel and they don't get that big. My river the Delaware is chuck full of em. Took my buddy Jim from work out on election day along with his son. His boy hooked up with the biggest dang white cat I'd ever seen. It was a shade under 11#. The boy missed the state record by just about 3#. If ya look at the pics closely ya will see the distinct diferences between them and channels. No "V" in the tail at all and everyone has a head that is just huge. This fish was fat as all get out and I felt real happy for the boy. So take a good look next time ya are channel fishin. :wink:

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    White cats are really cool but probably the most ugliest of the catfish family. Thier heads are huge for thier bodies and like George said, thier tails aren't forked like channels and blues but more squarish like a flat or bullhead. White cats can be caught year round even in the dead of winter. I wished they got big like the blues and flats. They love chicken livers and worms.

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    white catfish I wish Ohio dnr would stock them in the river it would be nice to another member of the whisker family to chase rick. they would do well in the great miami scioto and especially the small rivers like the little miami rick
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    BG half the people around here call our blues, white cats. Makes me laugh every time I here it. Yep caught a bunch of 20-80 pound white cats today.....:wink::smile2:

    Thanks for the pics. congrats to him...
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    Big George those are some nice White Cats.
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    Troy, it's the other way round here on the section of the KY River I fish, they call the whites blues (there are no blues here). Though not native here some years ago whites were stocked up here and a few still remain.

    (you know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story? A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time", and a sea story begins with "This ain't no sh*t".) Well, this ain't no sh*t; two years ago I caught a 5+ lber on trotline and the KY state record is 3.7 lb. (anyway it wouldn't matter because I didn't catch it on R & R; they're good eatin).