White Catfish????

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    Ok, there is alot of debate so I'm curious as to what you guys think. So are there really white catfish or are they just Blue/Channel hybids? I have talked to guys on the loz and truman that swear up and down that it is a seperate species of fish all together and they have caught them up t 40lbs. From a biological perspective, White cats are only found on the east coast but some have been stocked here but are small and supposedly don't get very big. Anyways, I would love to know if there really are big White cats or if they are maybe just pale colored Blues.
    Here is an article from the MDC talking about them.

    Missouri also has white catfish (Ameiurus catus). An introduced species, this fish is shaped like Missouri bullheads, but it is bluish gray. The fish is native to the Atlantic coast from New York to Florida, but has been stocked elsewhere across the country, including Missouri. White catfish are rare in the state, but one caught in Truman Reservoir in 1991 weighed over 7 pounds, about the maximum size for this species.
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    I am quoting my post from another thread
    Now what the real truth is for a long time I thought the only difference was just the name that people called them where I grew up.

    There was always Flatheads, Channels, Bullheads, and White Cats. They were never called Blues. That is till one day down by Monegaw granddad got a knotty headed fat lipped thing about 40 lbs. and I said dang grampaw nice channel I never seen one that big. He said that ain't a channel this here's a blue-cat. See this here fin is straight and on a channel it's curved and rounded off at the corners. Besides channels don't get this big too often, and blue-cats are common this big.

    So, what are white cats? Just baby blue cats? It may be that they are lighter gray and whiter on the bottom up in the upper reaches of the Osage, and they really are juvenile blue cats.

    The answer would take a lot of DNA work.

    From my viewpoint it don't matter. In the size range that I cook, I can't tell the difference between them and channels. I bet though if you handed me a fillet from one that come outta the Osage and one that come outta Smithville Lake, and let me cook em both the same way identical, I could tell which one was which by taste. But both are good. So?

    I lived in Texas for awhile and caught appalloosies on limblines. NO, not horses. That's what they called Flatheads.

    There's fellers in Massachusetts that calls bullheads 'hornpouts'. It's all just names I think.

    But I gotta agree with Earl from that other post, big blues oughta just be turned loose cause they aint as good to eat as littler blues and channels. big flatheads though, that's another story. Flatheads have a different taste than the others.

    Call em whatever you want just don't call me late for dinner.

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    I have heard people say that a white cat is just a lighter colored blue, I have a pic of 1 I caught at Deepwater that weighed 22lb that is pretty white , dont know if the are the same or not?
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    A white cat looks like a channel cat..The only resemblance it has to a blue is the color is sometimes the same and the tale is not deeply forked like a blues..It has a rounded anal fin like a channel but it is shorter, usually 19-23 rays..The easiest way to tell them apart from a channel is the chin barbels..On a white cat they are white on a channel they are dark brown to black..It is rare to catch one more than 15lbs..If you caught one that was 22 lbs + then it was probably a record white cat if thats actually what it was..
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    Many Blues that are caught are considered white cats.
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    In the pond out back the cats are about 3to5 pounds right now. There is 20 to 30 of then are about 40% white and some all white. When my brouther (CATFISHWIZARD) comes over we feed them. I will have him take some pics and post them. The kids thinks they are cool looken when they catch them.
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    Learned something new here. I've always heard of white catfish but never really bought into it as a species. Did some looking and the world record white was caught in Oakdale CA, May 7 2005 and weighed 19lbs 5oz.
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    I may sound retarded,but I was always told the white cats are just albino's.Which would mean to me it is the pigment in thier skin.Just like a human albino..No differance in species,just skin color..But perhaps your talking about a totally differant species of fish,and I am just muddying up the conversation.. :)
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    This is exactly right, reps to ya. Up to 23 rays its a white cat, from24-29 its a channel, over 29 its a blue.

    They are not the same fish at all and the only true way to tell is to count the rays...not by looking at the tails or the white color, etc. We have a lot of them here in SC.
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    Duse, it's not retarded at all. white cats are different and albinos are albinos. "albino" occurs in different species, white catfish are in fact a different species of catfish.
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    i was in bass pro shops not to long ago up in iowa wen i was there and in their tank they had a pure whit catfish but it was not considere elbino because of the face that it didnt have red eyes and i was reading about it and it was caught in southern missouri and they say its cross bred between a channel and a blue if wat i was reading is true idk if it was or not
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    Their are white catfish.. I have them along with their bio in my t.w.r.a handbook.
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    I'm not gonna argue the genealogy of white cats but I used to fish up around the Osage and marmaton
    Rivers, with some good ol boys in the Osage river bottoms and we used shark rods and pulled in what
    They called white cats weighing in over 100 to 160 lbs. I'm talking big, big fish and they looked nothing
    Like blues or channel catfish! So with that said I am just wondering what these monsters were that we
    Were catching?
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    I think it was an agent that told me that most Missouri white cats are actually blue cats. I was told that oxygen levels can affect pigmentation of the fish, if the fish was deep, around the thermocline, or in poorly oxygenated water they will be whiter than normal. I was told this years ago and just accepted it as the truth and never bothered to do any more research on the matter. I have noticed that after taking a fish out of water and putting it in the back of my truck to take home to clean that they definitely got lighter in color by the time I got home.
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    A.C. missouri
    I grew up just about a mile from Monegaw...so take this with a grain of salt..most " white cats " caught down in that part of or great state are blue cats, I know my diploma from HILLBILLY UNIVERSITY may be revoked for saying so.
    I believe the muddy water down there does not allow sunlight to penetrate the water, so they stay white or real light grey ..and everybody has always called them white cat...so that's just what they are down there. Here's a hillbilly science project for ya ..catch yourself a 2-3 lb white cat ..throw him in a big stock tank with clear water, day or two later, he will be as blue as the night sky.
    I'm just talking about around here..I know there are real white catfish and maybe even a few around here....but most are blues
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    White catfish
    For years, many folks across the Ozark region of Missouri called blue catfish “white cats.” White catfish Ameiurus catus don’t abide in Missouri. They’re native to rivers and streams that flow into the Atlantic. They have been stocked in some waterways in California and Nevada, as well as the French Broad River, North Carolina, Pigeon River of Tennessee and North Carolina, and some of the tributaries of the Tennessee River.

    This was taken from a thread in local mo talk! ( debunking catfish Myths)
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    Old timers around here call them white cats. They are actually blues.
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    Same here Troy we had flat heads and channels and once in a while ya would catch a blue but a white cats always been a white cat most of them color dont matter there still good eatin
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    Can anyone explain what is meant when they say to count the rays?
  20. thunder47

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    The number of spines (rays) in the lower anterior (anal) fin

    Catfish Identification | MDC