white bass on trinity above lake livingston

Discussion in 'TEXAS RIVERS TALK' started by tufffish, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. tufffish

    tufffish New Member

    has anybody fished around riverside in the last week. i am gonna try up there next week some time.
  2. peej

    peej New Member

    sunday at church on of our decons told me they went to Trinty river saturday but they fished at LOCK DAM of HWY 7 , thats east of Centerville ..he was trying to give us fish.he said between 8 of them they all maxed out on whites in about a 2 hrs span. they went back to centerville of a relative house clean them , then went back again for that eving run and maxed out again. I haven't been their in about 20 yrs..but we always a great luck on them white when they start runnin..I went fishing sat and sunday after church and only caught 1 channel the whole weekend.