Which type of line?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catfishpena, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. catfishpena

    catfishpena New Member

    I'm using mono currently but thinking of trying braid. Is one better than the other? Does one cast better?
  2. Bigun

    Bigun New Member

    Burnet, TX
    I like Power Pro a little better than Stren super braid but I use them both. The only problem that I have had was with some that I got from my dad. There is no telling how old it was. For catfishing I prefer the heaver weights 50 0r 65. but have used 30 and 40 lb. My wife was having a problem Crappie fishing and hanging a line breaking Bass ocassionally. I replaced her mono with some 20 lb braid she is still undecided about using it. It doesn't have memory but it doesn't cast the same. Try it I think you will like it. I fish tight line in fairly deep water for eatin size fish, the sensitivity of the braids really helps.

  3. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I've found braid to be a lot harder to use - tends to "dig in" to the spool when you get snagged or get a big fish. Plus there's absolutely no stretch to it like mono has. And I've got the scars on my hands to prove that it'll cut you in an instant if you're using heavy braid and trying to pull a snagged line free...
  4. Gone fishin 4 kittys

    Gone fishin 4 kittys New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA

    It's all about the feel and how you like it. I would think that mono would cast better but I can't say for shure
  5. Gator

    Gator New Member

    Ludowici GA
    Braid is sometimg people do to there hair Mono is for fishing that is all I am going to say on the subject, except this all keep using braid and I will keep saleing you tip's and guides.
  6. centralcalcat

    centralcalcat New Member

    Marion, TX
    As far as casting I can't rate one over the other. I have fished with both a lot and in a lot of casting with both. They both cast well with the right setup. Braid has strength advantages. Mono has ease advantages if tangled. I believe that they both have a place and time hen they are better and as i said I have used both. Typically now days I stick with mono either Trilene Big Game, EZ cast, or abrasion resistant, OR Stren flourocarbon.

  7. TOPS

    TOPS New Member

    Well guys, I can not help you much with this one because I have always used mono line. Cajun Red is my preference. :D
  8. catfishpena

    catfishpena New Member

    I sure appreciate the input. I think I'll re-spool with a different mono.
  9. Bayoubear

    Bayoubear New Member

    near that hellhole dallas
    i think its a personal choice with what to use however speaking for myself i do not like braided lines and wont use them anymore.
  10. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    Right now I am using 20 lb mono! I might try braid when my money is right.
  11. catchinghogs

    catchinghogs Well-Known Member

    I use the trilene catfish line it is realitevely inexpensive and i have never had a problem with it .
  12. Mathersm

    Mathersm New Member

    Darbydale, Ohio
    I tried some stren 30lb superbraid to fish a spillway this weekend. I liked the line as far as I did'nt break off once even though I had several snags. It also cast very well. I usually won't touch braided line as I had severla problems with the spiderwire when I tried it.
  13. ohiocattracker

    ohiocattracker New Member

    Cincinnati Ohio
    As MrT stated Braid if you dont keep line tight on your spool it tends to dig down in and can cause problems casting or could mean a pole pulled in if its real bad and a fish runs with it.
  14. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    South of Dallas
    I like Big Game Trilene for Spin Cast reels and live bait. Not really sure why, I guess, because it has never let me down. However, if I am fishing with plastic's for Bass I love the feel you get from Spider Wire. You can feel every move the lure makes. Also zero streach is nice for setting the hook. Knots are a lil tougher to tie with Spider Wire cause the line is slick and the knot seems to not hold like Mono does. I'm sure both work very well.
  15. HOPPY4

    HOPPY4 New Member

    Waldorf MD
    I am a convert to Braid! Specificly to PowerPro and think that it is much better than mono. When and if I use mono, it is Trileane Big Game. I used it on all of my reels before I was introduced to PowerPro. As Gator said, he will continue to sale and replace guides for those who have plastic or hardloy guides. I have not found this to be a problem with the PowerPro, but others may have. As to the line digging in when you get snagged, Do not pull directly with the reel. Use a piece of wood or something else Not your HAND, to apply direct pressure. The point of break-off will normally be at your knot as it is the weakest point on braided connections. The ability to feel the bait when lure fishing is fantastic. This will improve your catch rate by leeps and bounds. The need to change the way you set the hook is the key point. On Carp rods, I just lift once the baitrunner/freespool has be turned off. This is a personal opinion and as they say, Like a-Holes. I hope that this will provide another view of the choice that you are making.


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Isn't it also important that when ya spool up your reel that ya put a backer of mono on first. I remember readin this on the old board. Also with the mono backup it should save ya some money. I went through the Power Pro phase and didn't stick with it very long.
  17. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    mono is my choice,stren being my #1 choice .have tried power pro did not
    care for it,it is strong and will cast a mile,ijust cant get used to the low
    or no memeory line,i floats on top to much for me.there are many oponions
    this is mine.
    KIRK :cool:
  18. three_rivers

    three_rivers New Member

    Tupelo Ar
    Mono i've used all my life. Although it retains memory it has always worked fine for my situations. I tried spiderwire and it has become flat like it is trying to separate. Its still holding true but it looks like its flattened out and becoming fuzzy on my reels.

    The reason for me to switch to braid is because of a need of more line on the reel and since i've switched to powerpro i like it alot better. Hoppy's right never use your hands always a wooden dowel or something of that nature to break it off. It will cut your hands faster than you can realize.

    Breaking off 80 pound power pro's no easy chore. I've yet to find a better way to break it off but if that big fish ever tangles with it i hope he has the same problems...... ;)
  19. trippyclwn

    trippyclwn Member

    Chattanooga, Tn
    i have also used big game mono on my reels i havent had any problems with it so far but when it is time to respool my reel i am going to try cajun red on it. i have heard nothing but great things about it and it would be great in the morning(the only time i get to fish lately) to see the red line! i used the blue spiderwire at night for a while because when the least little bit of light hit it, the line looked like it was glowing lol if you are in complete darkness with only a lantern? well no glow lol just trying to help
  20. bigsammy

    bigsammy New Member

    Poteau ok
    I use nothin but mono.My preference is Cajin red, then my next choice is Berkley Big Game.Both are tough,strong and inexpensive.Works for me.