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which tidewater should i get?

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I was thinking about upgrading from my SKp's to tidewaters. I see alot of differemt models which one should i go with? I fish for channels in the 5-15# range and flats in the 15# and up range.
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Well, catfish connection has both the 20L and 30L reels. Depending on how much of what weight of line to put on the reels, you can go with the 20L (330/20, 190/30) or you can go with the 30L (330/30). Either way, you could probably pull a truck out of a ditch with one of these. The clicker is loud as a firecracker, and the reel is sturdy. Plus you have a good gear ratio for horsing in big fish. For your situation (you probably use something like 20 pound, right?) I would go with the 20L, because it holds a 20-15 lb, but can also hold enough of a higher poundage.
Steer clear of the 30LA's, the bait clicker is not as loud as the 30L's. I had one and didn't like it as well as my 30L. I now have two of these reels and realy like them. Granted they are not ABU's but they do a good job for the money. You can't go wrong with these reels. They are smooth and durable.
I second that! Dread!
well i used a 10l. seemed like a good reel. the 30ls at cat connection are huge. seen one a few months ago down there. steer clear of wal-mart at least of the ones here all they carry is the one with the big line counter built into the side. seems like that would get in the way.
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