Which Shimano Baitrunner for Catmaxx Rods?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by blackburnian, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. blackburnian

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    I bought two Bass Pro Catmaxx rods this month. One is the 10 foot heavy action spinning and the other is the 9 foot medium/heavy spinning. Which Shimano Baitrunner reels go with these rods? I was at a Bass Pro store and matched them up, but I forget if I needed the 6500 for both, or the if the 9 foot rod needed the 4500.
    While I'm on this subject, has anyone matched these rods with the Okuma Avenger, Epixor or Coronado reels, if so, which sizes?
    ...and why is Bass Pro selling these rods so cheap? did they lower the price again even lower than a few weeks ago? are they discontinuing it or updating it with better guides.
  2. gilmafam

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    Scott, I cant help you with the pole end of it, but I do have the 3 of the baitrunners. 1 4500 and two 3500. No complaints with the reels... I mainly use the 3500 for bank fishing, but not for huge fish... Youv'e got to put the reel on the pole to "feel it". I'd say the 6500 if you want to cast further and need a heavy rig doing so. I love my baitrunner... The adjustment on the reel is a little "not so loud" on the baitrunner part, but the main drag is much louder... I know that that doesn't help you with the poles, but PB shops will take em back if you need to return one..

  3. fastfrank

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    Elgin, Alabama
    I now have 4 of the heavy 10 footers that you purchased. I use the 6500 bait runners. I would use those on the big rod. I also have 4500's and either one would work on the lighter rod, but I don't think it matters that much. I don't feel that "balance" is important in catfishing. You won't be casting all that much, and drifting, it doesn't matter. Good luck with your purchases. Frank N.
  4. mrmarkedwards

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    i would go with the 6500 also. i have an epixor eb80 matched to an okuma solaris rod and its great. my father loves the coronado cd-90 i won this spring and its on a 12ft ugly stick. the spools for both okuma reels are interchangeable. great reels for the money!
  5. KC Jayhawk 78

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    I have 2 - 6500's. I switch them out between my 9' Catmaxx Spinning rod and my 12' Ugly Stik Big Water spinning rod with no problem. Great setup.