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Which looper Rig

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I was wanting to try some looper rigs after hearing how well they hold the bait, are the ones with regular hook so you can put cutbait on it also or do you just put the stinkbait on and just throw out. I have been using really big baits lately and I just want to get back into catching lots of fish instead of a big one once in a while. Thanks
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Looper Rigs are designed to hold a large amount of bait.The different styles of hooks offered comes down to personal preference.Most of your dip worms carry a treble this is the most common hook.The rig works very good with the kahle which is a hook that has a high rate of hook ups but can also be set by the fisherman.The circle works good also for those that like the fish to do the work of hook sets.There isn't any need to add pieces of bait to the hooks although some do personaly I don't see the need to add the extra bait.
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