Which is the correct firearm for me?

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    KATMANDETTE New Member

    Cedar Key, Florida
    This election process has made me aware of the fact that I should purchase some sort of protection.

    Problem is that I have NO CLUE of where to even start. I may have gone "shooting" twice in my life. I live in a small town.

    I just don't think my cats will offer me enough protection.:confused2:

    Any ideas on if I should get a rifle, shotgun, or pistol?

    Your thoughts, please?

  2. takeaction

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    Ware Shoals, SC
    If you're wanting for personal protection, pistol all the way.

    Shotguns spread and hit multiple targets, including innocent people.

    Rifle are for long range and are generally useless for close quarters.

    As for the type of pistol, if you've never shot pistols, I suggest getting training first and then decide how big you want to go. A .38 will fit in your purse easily. A Glock 40 will also, but it's much bigger, and a .45 is what I prefer, but it has a much higher "kick" to it than the .38 and will take more time learning, because you also have to keep them cleaned. a .38 is simple to clean as you just run stuff through it. The semi-auto pistols require breaking them down and cleaning for a full cleaning. But IMO the semi-autos are better... they have better stopping power.

    In the end, it's 100% up to you, but I really suggest training first... then choose your weapon. Just call a gunshop in your area and ask about training.

    oh and with a pistol you can get a concealed weapons permit, and then it's legal to carry in your purse at all times. :smile2:

  3. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    The best advice I can offer is to do like the officers do in the armed forces......have someone else do the shooting, and get shot for ya.
    It's worked since Korea.
  4. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Oh this is easy. A Ladysmith in .38:smile2:

    One for the ladies.:wink:
  5. Cheez

    Cheez New Member

    I will second the Lady Smith .38
    Get some inexpensive ammo and practice,practice, practice.
    Then get some high quality high powered hollow points to carry in it.
  6. dafin

    dafin New Member

    The first thing to think about is could I take a life if i though it was theirs or mine. I carried a smith mdl 36 for many years , the 38spec. has all the power one needs IF you can hit where you want , a shot with a 50 cal is worthless if off target.
    When you get a gun go the the range until you can be on target first time every time.there is no need to 15 shots when two well placed will do .
  7. Kip Brandel

    Kip Brandel New Member

    Glasgow, Kentuc
    No hammer to get caught on anything, slightly smaller frame and trigger slightly farther to the rear are all GREAT things for a female shooter.
    If you are thinking some gun ranges allow you to rent a gun and shoot it to see how you do and they offer lessons. Then when you get your gun, purchase some ammo and shoot it, buy more and shoot it and repeat this often. Keep some of the empty cases and practice loading them in the dark by feel. You will get proficient and be able to protect you and your loved ones.
  8. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    I agree with the others. A pistol would be the best for protection. Definently choose one with a good balance and weight. Don't opt for one that is to light. This means more recoil to the individual shooting it. I prefer the .38 special too. It has light recoil and is a good all around caliber. Myself I like the 9mm. pistol too. Semi-auto. This round has more sharper recoil, but is easily controlable with some practice.

    First and formost. Get some type of firearms safety courses under your belt. Practice efficiently with the gun you puchased and feel safe. Good luck and shoot straight.:wink:
  9. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    Mikey,I don't own a large cal. handgun for self defense,so I can't tell ya what to get ,I have a 410 mossberg with an 19" bbl that I keep close to the bed at home just in case,I would have a handgun ,but I cant decide what to get . I dont handle recoil well and I like wheelguns[revolvers] but I like single actions better than double,so I'm in a quandry myself. These fellas have given you some good advice ,the best is Shoot more ,Shoot more often.
  10. centexcop

    centexcop Well-Known Member

    I've owned a few handguns in my time. I started out with a revolver, while simple and very accurate, I do prefer a semi automatic. For years I carried a Taurus 9mm and thought it was an outstanding weapon. After 21 years, I retired for a weekend and went to work for another department. The new work place provides a Glock .40. I swore that I would never own nor carry a Glock, but after qualifying with it, I had to re-think my thoughts. I think the most enjoyable feature is the light weight. I can hardly tell that i'm wearing it. I still have my Taurus, but it's now a backup.

    I would suggest going to a reputable gun store and see what fits your hands. I do agree about the Lady Smith. I bought my ex-wife Lady Smith 9mm, it was almost a pink color... It was a very reliable weapon.

    Does your state have a concealed/carry license option? Do you plan on carrying it away from your house? If it's just for the house, a shotgun is much easier to get the point across....

    As far as being able to use a firearm to defend yourself, I think everyone is capable of acheiving the mindset of using deadly force to defend themselves. When placed in a life or death situation, you've got two choices, Fight or Flight.

    These are just my opinions.... They may not be right or wrong, but thanks to our military and forefathers, I have the right to have an opinion. Thank You and God Bless all of our troops.
  11. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    First thing is learn to shoot first. Don't run and buy a bazooka and not know whether it will shoot or ,,,,,IF you'll pull the trigger when the time comes. Don't point it if ya won't squeeze it off.

    I keep a pump shotgun for household protection but i own pistols and rifles both. Learn to shoot and make your own choice. Mean while buy some pepper spray and a dawg that sleeps lite.
  12. motard1

    motard1 New Member

    I keep a .40 sig with me at all times. For the home,I have the .40 and a Remington 870 12 ga loaded with 00 buckshot. Then there's the arsenal in the closet,and the small revolver in the night stand. I believe in equal opportunity home protection. I just hope I never have to use any of them.
  13. CuzICan

    CuzICan New Member

    Fayetteville, A
    I know how to shoot ( John don't wanna take off running and let me target practice on him, LOL!!! :smile2::smile2:) and I would take pistol for personal any day...

    BUT I wouldn't do that until I knew how to use it. Wouldn't be hard for me to shoot if I had no choice, but not something I would WANT to do either. I know how to use every gun in this house and I wouldn't be without one in this area for sure.

    We've all ready had one encounter where the neighbor let us know someone was in the yard prowling around and here you can't shoot to protect personal property, only if YOU are threatened, so know the laws too. Don't get yourself in the position of being the one that is prosecuted. :/
  14. RiverratSC

    RiverratSC Active Member

    Gaffney, SC
    I've read several good suggestion. I'm getting my wife a Taurus 605 just not sure I want to go hammerless yet. Recoil will not be an issue if you are attacked, you'll never remember pulling the trigger. Much like deer hunting with recoil, the rush you will be experiencing will cancel out the recoil. At the shooting range itself it might be noticeable not when it count though.

    Thats just my opinion which everybody knows about opinions. :smile2:
  15. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    your first name
    Great advice by everyone, Id have to recommend the lady smith as well. Id also suggest a shotgun for the home. I dont know if ya have anyone else in the house with ya buy a lot of pistol rounds may go thru walls. A shotgun can be a little safer in the house, just something to think about. If ya can shoot what your interested in buying if possible. Like everyone else has said learn than practice, practice, practice.
  16. Jacksmooth

    Jacksmooth Member

    West Virginia
    A 380 may also be a good choice. I know alot of police officers around here use them as backups to their 9mms.
  17. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    I have a theory.
    If you are going to point a gun and pull the trigger, kill the intended target.
    The hospital or worse yet a chance to get pissed off or enraged is not an option.

    For myself, I prefer the Desert Eagle in .44.
    If the bullet hits the bad guy anywhere you'll walk away. It's an artery killer.

    The .22 is deadly as hell. A nasty round indeed and in alot of cases a death sentence in a torso shot.
    The problem is, how long is it going to take the bad guy to bleed out? Longer then it takes to empty a clip in you or choke the life out of you?

    Recoil is pretty non issue in a pistol. They all have an obnoxious bark and some bite to them.
    All of that can be overcome starting with the selection of the firearm and some range time.
    It's why I like the Desert Eagle. The gassing is phenomenal.
    The .44 for me in any other other weapon wouldnt be a good fit for me.
  18. Marcos

    Marcos New Member

    I see you're in Florida! but, check you local shooting range they might rent fire arms. Then you can try different calibers and see which on suites you best. I know here in Texas you can rent from hand guns to submachine guns at some of the ranges. Shoot a few different ones and see which one your most comfortable and accurate with. This would be my advice once you buy a new gun you cannot return or exchange it. Once you do decide on one practice, practice and practice some more. Good luck and tell us what you decided on.
  19. chambers bd

    chambers bd New Member

    Contact your local law enforcement and ask for advise on a shooting instructor. Most shooting clubs have pistols for you to fire.

    I would recommend a model 23 Glock. Its a smaller hand gun in 40 S&W.
  20. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    Whether you use a handgun, or a shotgun,,( home defense. )
    GET education and training.. Then get some more...
    If your state has CCW (carry concealed weapon) permits, get hooked up with that, there's usually good education centered around that.