Which caliber to choose?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by rednecksportsman511, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. rednecksportsman511

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    Birmingham, AL
    I've been looking at getting a rifle for deer hunting and I really like the Remington 700 CDL. I love the look and feel of it; it's a heavier rifle which I like, I think it helps to steady and take a bite out of the recoil.

    I've narrowed down the caliber choices to the .270 and the 30-06. I'm still open to suggestions of other calibers, though. I'd be using the rifle for deer at distances no further that 175yds. I'm leaning towards the 30-06 because of it has more power at the 100-200yd range than the .270. I like the idea of having more stopping power because if my shot is a little off, the deer won't go too far.

    Any thoughts?
  2. GMC FishHauler

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    I dont know about where u live, but here in texas the deer's body size never gets too big. The Biggest rifle i use for deer is a .243. I would lean more towards the .270, it will be more comfortable too shoot and is capable of killing any deer in this country. You can enjoy the range alot more with less recoil.
    I am from the school of shot placement over bullet size. My family believes in "neck or nothing" so that if the deer is hit it drops. I have only body shot one deer and that was because i got the big buck shakes.

  3. jtr4324

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    I would go with the 06. I have not killed many deer with the 06 but the ones I did kill with it never knew what hit them!
  4. 223reload

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    I live ouy west where shots can be long I shoot a 243 and have for over 30 years i dint take shots much beyond 200 yards not because i cant make them but i dont consider shooting deer or other big game at exyreme ranges to be true hunting i call it sniping, but shot placement is much more important than caliber
  5. 1sporticus

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    Hi BOC Brothers, the .270, and the 30.06 are good calibers. I would check the price of shells. I have a Remington 740 30.06, and I love it. Later Andy
  6. CharlieD

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    With the range of bullets for the 06 from 85 Grains to 220 Grains you can hunt just about anything you want- anyplace you want.
  7. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I've used both, and they are both excellent calibers. I personally prefer the '06 for it's versatility. For the ranges you will be hunting, there are reduced recoil loads available that will do just fine, if recoil happens to be a concern, but after shooting a number of .270's over the years, there is little noticeable difference between the two.
    A caliber that I'm awfully impressed with is the 7mm-08. After buying one for my grandson when he was younger, due to the light recoil, I've been amazed at how accurate and hard-hitting it is.
    Good luck with your purchase and your hunting. :smile2:
  8. bubbasmouse

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    Chesterfield South Carolina
    Either one will killem graveyard dead so just pick your poison.
  9. richard dunbar

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    I guess it boils down to how good of a shot you are. When I hunt I have'nt seen a shot longer than 150 yards so I just use my trusty 30-30. Some people consider it a brush gun, but it has more than enough stopping power if you know how to shoot.
  10. Rusty

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    Spickard Missouri
    I have shot a 243 for years. I am like a lot of others one shot one kill. bullet placement is the key. Two years ago I had a chance to bye a 270 for my son at a cheep price. The 270 is a great gun. If everything is just right and that big boy is out there 200-300 yds. the 270 will do the trick.
  11. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    I'm with you all the way !!!. I shoot a 30-30 also. Since that's not one of the calibers available in the gun he's looking @, I'd have to say go with the .270, I've shot many of them & there isn't a deer it won't kill.

    The good thing is that he is choosing between two calibers that he'll be able to get shells for in BFE, not some Weatherby Magnum LADA-LADA:wink:
  12. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    I went with the 06, just thought the ammo would be cheaper and easier to find.
    Ive yet been to a store that doesnt have ammo for an 06, but they should have it for the 270 as well. Both calibers are great and will do the job.
  13. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I like the 30-06 because of the versability of the rifle and one day you might want to hunt someting other then just deer. Like posted earlier you can hunt anything from small varmints to moose or grizzly with the wide range of bullets available for this caliber. I have two 30-06 rifles, one is a Remington 700 and the other is a custom made. The only bad thing is I have to go out of the state of Ohio to hunt anything but varmint with them.
  14. samh

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    I've hunted with a 30/06 for 30 years, I love my old Ruger 77 and know it and the caliber well, you can't go wrong with an 06. That said, my son and son in law both shoot 270's, we have a range set up here on the farm and reload and shoot a lot. If I were to buy a new rifle today for deer hunting and had to pick between the two, I'd prob ally pick the 270. For deer sized game its got plenty of power, shoots a little flatter but mostly because it kicks less. Either one is a great choice.
  15. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I like the 30-06 because I reload and it gives me more options. I also varmint hunt and I don't think the Sabot is available in .270. I may be wrong. Anyway a double lung shot is easy with both guns if sighted properly. According to my ballistics chart, a .270 w/130 grain bullet has 54,500# pressure in C.U.P., and the 30-06 has only 45,500# which means there should be less kick with the 06 at the same bullet weight. The heaviest bullet for the .270 is 150 grains while the 06 goes from 55Gr. Sabot (4000 ft.per sec.) to a bear stopping 220 grain slug. If you are just using it for deer they are both great calibers. If you want more versatility, the 30-06 rules.
  16. chipblevins

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    salem, va
    I used to use a 06, But switched to a 243 a few years ago, its a great gun for short or long shots, shoots flat and accurate. between 270 and 06, I would have to go with 06.
  17. Bayoubear

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    near that hellhole dallas
    another vote for the 06. ive got both and like the 06 better.
  18. tkyhnt

    tkyhnt New Member

    The first gun I purchased was a Rem 700 in the 270 caliber. I only shoot reloads but ammo has never been an issue, any sporting goods store will have an assortment in the 270 caliber. The flat shooting of a 270 will give you greater range if you need it in the future. Just because your shots will be 175 and under today does not mean that you will not have longer shots in the future. JMO

    Both calibers will work fine for you. The key is to get a gun you feel comfortable with. Needs to be sized to fit, and have a gentle trigger pull. SHOT PlACEMENT is key. Not the caliber that your shooting.

    That said good luck I still use my 270 I purchased almost 20 years ago, and don't plan on switching any time soon.
  19. rednecksportsman511

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    Birmingham, AL
    Thanks alot for the input yall. I guess both calibers are great for what i plan to use it for. I think im leaning towards the 30-06 if only for the variety of game i can hunt with it. thanks again
  20. dickieboy

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    Cedar Grove, TN
    This question comes up every year with the same responses above. I own a .270 and enjoy it. I both reload and purchase loaded cartridges. Many above have mentioned correctly about the availability of various bullets. There is WAY more in .308 than .277. In fact the .277 bullet choices are very limited. I only know of one match grade bullet available but EVERYONE makes one in .308" dia.

    The recoil, in my opinion, is not a concern unless you plan on spending all afternoon shooting say like 50-100 rounds. Just for kicks and giggles you might research the .308 Winchester. When it came out it dominated the Camp Perry matches over the '06. It is shorter and a recoil in the same class as both of your considerations. It is also available in both NATO surplus (cheap ammo) and everywhere the .30-06 and .270 is.