Which Braid casts the best and does not bury?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by dsweet, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. dsweet

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    I am getting ready to spool up my abu's and want to try braid. I tend to cast pretty far when I fish so that is important. I have used a couple of different lines in the past and was disappointed because they tended to bury in the reel...what a mess.

    Have things improved? If so what is recommended?
  2. radish

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    I have the same problem. I would like to find out myself.

  3. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    In My experence all braids will bury themselves into the spool when extreme pressure is applied. Braid has virtually no stretch so under heavy pressure something has to give.

    I am doing some experementation with braid right now and so far I'm liking sufix performance braid the best. it casts rel nice. Keep in mind I am very early in My field test of this product, and no where close to done. but so far so good
  4. Coyote1

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    Brother Kilpatrick is correct. Unless you spool then very tightly any of them will "dig in".
    However, there are some new/improved lines that will be available in the Spring of 2008. While I can't say much at this time, I can tell you to be looking for braids that are "multi-stranded" and then fused in to a round shape unlike the oval shaped lines of recent times. They will also be softer to the feel, lay better, knot easier, and some of the other things that want in a fishing line.
    As with anything "new" it takes time to improve things. Look at how Rod and Lure/Hook technology has improved in the past 10-15 years!
    If you want to go ahead and put a line on your reels, I would suggest looking at the "Power Pro" lines.
    Just as a tip, I have found that when I am reeling in my lines, and I don't have 12oz+ of sinkers on my line that if I run the line through my thumb and forefinger, keeping a little tension on the line {NOT enough to heat your fingers up to "red heat"!} that I have less problems with the line burying itself.
    However, with the lines available today, and as Brother Kilpatrick mentioned above, they can still be a problem. For now, we have to live with the idiosyncrasies of yesterdays, and todays, braids. Tomorrow however, is another story!:big_smile:
    Hope this helps you all.
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  5. Dave L

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    I use power pro on all my reels and I can't recall a time where I had a problem casting due to buried line. Also I prefer spincasters so the line is stacked a little more than bait casters and still no problems.
  6. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA
    If you back the drag off a bit, this will really help. It will vary depending on the line type so just play around with it. I usually set it tighter than needed just where it is going to start digging in, then I back it off. I personally love the Calcutta Ultra braid. At least much better than spiderwire braids. I have not used Power pro. But I do not intend changing because I like the Calcutta so much. Should cast well with Abus.
  7. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    I have used spider wire for many years and have no issues with casting distance. Nor have I had an issue with tying nots or messing up eyelets of the rod. The line is my favorite out of all the other lines I use. I use braid for catfishing and mono for lure fishing, but will change over to all braided line.:cool2:
  8. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    Ive tried most of them and I still like spiderwire but fireline is my favorite. I use it on spinning and baitcasters with no problems yet, been almost 3 years now. I gave up on mono except for leaders. Hope this helps.
  9. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    cant comment on but 2 and thats spider wire and power pro ive decided on power pro i like the way it handles both reeling and casting.
  10. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    You got 10 brandy new reels there hoss.
    You have the excellent oppertunity of a 10 reel field test.:big_smile:

    I like Fireline bass fishing but not enough to use it anymore:big_smile:
    If I have to do something with the line to reel it in or tip toe through the next cast after loading the rod up real good the cons outweigh the pro's.

    I'm a mono man through and through to this point.
    Plug and play baby.
  11. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member


    I'm the same as Johnnie, the only two that i have tried is the spider wire and power pro. I was given some spider wire to try by a guy we did a catfishing show for. I liked it well enough to decide to switch all my tournament rods to braid. From the recomendations from this site i decided to try 65 lb. power pro. I have not regreted this decision. The line cast as far or further than the 30 lb. ande that i was using. I have yet to have this line dig in from catching a fish. If it does your drag is to tight. When you get hung up is when you will have the most trouble with it digging into the spool. To keep this from happening use something to wrap your line around and give it a quick jerk. If you wrap it around your reel to break it it will damage your reels. It also ties a strong palomar knot. I still use 50 lb. mono for leaders.
  12. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    your first name
    Ive tried spiderwire, stren superbraid and power pro. All work good and would use any of them again if I can get them on sale, Ive had them on the reels for at least 2 years and I think I can get another year or two on some reels. If you get snagged pull or cast the dig out before you fish again should help. Its some good stuff when you get used to it.

    SKYNYRD New Member

    Well with me I like the Tuf line you can get it at Cabela's and get the 130 test little over kill but I like the 130 test because its same size of 30 mono I think it help from dig in and you can make good knots on your hooks and 150 yards fit just right on the reel and I make good cast every time I tried lighter test but I don't like them they don't work good make sure you get the 130 test and I tried spiderwire dosen't work good for me gave 1000 yards away been using 130 test tuf line for 4 year now and work great on my abu 7000 and the price isn't bad
  14. ahab

    ahab New Member

    I have tried Spiderwire, Berkley Fireline,& Stren Braid. I Like Stren the best- cast beautifully off my 6501c4's and have taken carp up to 20lbs ( I know, I know Carp aint Catfish but they run & fight hard). Fireline worked well for me also- as for Spiderwire I did not like it much but it is very pop:roll_eyes:ular.
  15. South Grand Laker

    South Grand Laker New Member

    i haven't tried all other lines but instead of reinvinting the wheel or spending alot of money on trying all lines, i was referred to power pro from a guy that was doing the same thing i was doing, and it works well no problems i use the 30lb or 20lb spooled on my av80's onto a mono backer line with an albright knot, but im not breaking any distance records i'm just throwing about 350 ft, up to a dam wall from a cable for hybrids and sandies and it doesn't cut into any eye guides or anything
  16. mrmarkedwards

    mrmarkedwards Active Member

    well i have been using power pro and suffix and i am loving suffix. it casts great and has decent abrasion resistance for a braid also suffix is six strands compared to power pro being four. to keep the line from digging in spool the line on under tension and depending on where you fish try using pyramid sinkers they give just enought tension to help avoid blowups.

    one other thing i have noticed is that braid doesn't increase the casting distance of a baitcaster reel but all the other benefits are there though.
  17. baptistpreach

    baptistpreach New Member

    I've used Power Pro, Spiderwire, Remington Core Lokt (yes they made braided line, and yes, it was awful), and I am using another kind I don't know what it is (might be suffix, or Tuff line?) I definitely love the Power Pro, and the other stuff I have spooled (yellow braided line [suffix/tuff line], I use it on my ultralight) is awesome. I can cast it a country mile. I use 20-30 lb test, and haul any fish in with it!
  18. cameron_krazie

    cameron_krazie New Member

    Power Pro............................ Its a spectra braid... On a regular basis I land blue cats over 40lbs up to 60lbs so far. I have never had a problem with the line burying and it cast smooth. I use 8/0 circles with 8 or 10 oz sinkers and it flies. I will never use another line. Its pricey , but worth it. you know the old saying " you get what you pay for " well its true.
  19. dinger66

    dinger66 New Member

    north alabama
    i use 80 pound stren super braid , it cast great with as little as 2 oz of weight .it has only broken on me once and that was my fault drag to tight .if the fish is turning the boat and no drag is stripping it is to tight lol.anyway always back it with mono and lighten up on the dran g it will do great
  20. carp46755

    carp46755 New Member

    I use Power Pro, and have had no trouble at all.