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Discussion in 'Boating' started by godsglad8tor, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. godsglad8tor

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    Riverside, CA
    ive been looking at 2 boats in my area, i do not remember the years on the boats i am sure they are in the late 70s, one is a 22' tri haul for a 1000$ and one is a 18' v haul(kinda like a boston whaler) for $1800, i really like both, the tri haul has more room and length, it is also longer with a jet drive, the other has a jhonson outdrive, i do not like outdrives myself but then again this is my first boat purchase, really like the style of that v haul boat but the one reason i want the tri haul is it looks like the boat my grandpa had but thats my own satisfaction, which one would you go with, or if you have any other reccomendations please comment i would greatly appreciate it, thanks
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Most any used boat you are thinking about buying should come to one primary thing when comparing boat to boat. The engine. Unless of course you just like a particular boat and are prepared to repower it or willing to put more money into the existing engine.

    Keep in mind that the hull is worth nothing without an engine. You would be lucky to give it away. You are buying an engine when you buy a used boat.

    Take your time. Boat buying season is coming up.

  3. Big Dav

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    I would probably go with the larger boat for less money. I would not buy either one without putting it on the water. If possible you might want to try them both out on the water. I have bought boats before without putting them in the water. I have been fine on most of them but I have also had major problems with one that I did not water test. Once was enough with that mistake.:angry:
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    I agree with Mark J