Which 4 in 1 jacket?

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by topjimmy, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. topjimmy

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    After freezing my butt off while hunting this year, I need to get a new jacket. I hoped that since the season is almost over, I might be able to score a deal on something they are trying to get rid of.

    I want a 4 in 1, but not sure which one. Browning has a real nice one, but it is pretty expensive. I like Wall's 10x, but from what I can tell, their only 4 in 1 is a wader, and I really want a parka (unless someone can convince me that a wader will be better). What say you about jackets? Anyone have any good recommendations?
  2. TeamCatHazzard

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    Drake or Columbia is the only thing that I would use. I know they are more expensive, but that is all I would use and that is all I have. They are worth every penny in my opinion and have great warranties! I would save my money and buy a Columbia or Drake because I think that they are worth their price and will last longer than anything else on the market. The are totally waterproof, warmer than anything else, and are just awesome! I had one that faded a long time ago and sent it back a got a new one. I have a Columbia and a Drake and wouldnt trade them for anything in the world. I HIGHLY recommend them! If you have any questions let me know!

  3. three_rivers

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    I wore all kinds of jackets/cloths and after wearing a columbia theres not many jackets out there will keep you kozy like a columbia. Even in the teens if your covered it'll keep you warm. It is the only way to go whether it be cold weather fishing, hunting or anything outdoors......
  4. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Go online and look at Cabelas catalogs.They are full of great parkas,coats etc.If you sign up for the free annual subscription you will also get their sale catlogs which are full of great bargains.They also carry Columbia and others besides their own brands which are excellent,the guarantee is ironclad and all the clothing is temperature rated which will help you select.:) :cool:
  5. duxsrus

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    SW Ohio
    The Browning Duck Commander's were awesome. I have the parka length version and would highly recommend them except they no longer make it the same way any more. A down liner with a Goretex shell can't be beat. I guess I'll have to take care of mine forever. Another example of "they don't make them like they used to".
  6. dwreel

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    Check out Wearguard.com Cheaper that lots of others but the quality is there. And they have sales quite often. I bought a coat from them a while back $ 75 on sale. Good to 0*. And it is.

    ASASIN New Member

    Lawson Missouri
    Drake Waterfowl gear. Keep your eyes open for the new Duck Commander edition. Not sure of all the details on it yet, though. I have used their coats for 3 years now and love them. Also, I would HIGHLY recommend using Under Armor Cold Gear for cold weather hunting. This stuff is awesome, especially if you sweat some while wearing it. God bless.
  8. Blue Duck

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    I got one from Cabela's and it works fine. Has a liner that I seldom use. I usually dress in layers no matter what. Lots of times it can be really cold in the morning and warm up 30 or 40 degrees by noon. Its always nice to have the option to drop a layer or two if you need to......
  9. djlabs

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    I think you are going to have to look real hard to find better gear than Drake gear it is warm , dry , and quiet all at the same time. I use it for waterfowl hunting as well as deer hunting and it holds up real well.