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    Thought I'd try my luck with some of my brothers and sisters here at the BOC.
    Looking for some folks from Cajun Country (Acadiana) to tell me some stories about growing up down there and how it differs from the rest of the world. My better half is from New Orleans, LA and I know that Louisiana is like it's own counrty. Specifically would you share some of the obscurities that make your Parish so different from the next Parish over or the rest of the world? Did anyone ever take an Air Boat or Mud Boat to school when they were younger? Does anyone take one to work now? Anyone own an alligator farm? Or a crawfish farm? I've met some wonderful people living outside Lafayette-many living simple but rich lives! Your replies or PM's are most appreciated! Whereyat? Dereygo! Thanks ya'll. Jennifer
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    Hey Jennifer, How are you? I am a Cajun from Acadiana. My name is Randall Duhon, I am from Abbeville, about 20 minutes south of Lafayette. I was born and raised here. It is true things are different here and more so the further south you go. I could live nowhere else. I live about 10 miles from the coast and the marsh and work right next to the coast. There are alligator farms near by and crawfish fields everywhere. We just cannot get enough crawfish lol. Some of my Grandparents could not talk english and could only speak Cajun French. My parents spoke both French and English and I speak very little French. My Daughter is taking French in school and is learning a little.

    I live in Vermilion Parish which is the very Southern Parish. Whenever you leave town and head South things change quite a bit. Outsiders are not welcomed to easily and people are use to the old ways. But over all you will not meet a nicer people than the Cajuns.

    It is also true that we have alligators everywhere and you would not want to leave a main road too far lol. Just in the last year they have captured 6 alligators in my neighborhood and I live near town. It is that we have so many bayous that run through our area that they find there way to town. Where I work we see them quite regularly walking accross our parking lot and field. You just always have to keep one eye open lol.

    The food and festivals in our area are second to none and there is always something going on. I hope this answers some of your questions.

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    Im 1/2 Cajun French And1/2 Houma Indian...i've Got A Few Stories I Could Tell Ya...lemme Know.