where's the best place to find crappie on Eufaula?

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    seminole, oklahoma
    I read in Oklahoma Game and Fish magazine that there are areas of Eufaula that have good natural cover and other cover placed by the ODWC. Where would be the best place to launch to find these places? Someone told me that highway 9 landing is a good spot cause of the bridge, but last time I camped there I noticed the bridge is the place that EVERYONE fished. The lake is so big and fuel costs so much I dont really want to drive around all day on the water trying to get on some crappie.:crazy:
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    Try the Gaines Creek area or the area just South of Eufaula around Crowder Launch.


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    daniel, your askin about a lake that a man can get lost on in about an hour. heres what i know. when the crappie start to move, and the wind dieis down the south side of i-40 bridge rip-rap is fantastic.there are a couple of boat ramps within a mile of the bridge. 69 hwy bridge is good when they are still deep. lookout for the beams between the collumns. when they move into the creeks try graves creek or gentry creek. dont know what part of the lake you fish, but all of these spots are a short boat ride.