wheres all the trappers at?

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by warcraft1975, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. warcraft1975

    warcraft1975 New Member

    where ya'll at? hows your season going?mines really just now getting going and dont you know it where in a big freeze all the sudden.lol
  2. backwoodsman68geric

    backwoodsman68geric New Member

    Had a fair season. Pulled all of the lines and just started running a few bucket cubbys and canine sets. Hoping to set out steel for ole chisel tooth in a few weeks. Not much moving in the conditions we're living with right now.

  3. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    I haven't trapped in 40 years, but I sure enjoyed it when I did. It wasn't that I caught a lot, but I guess it was the anticipation, getting up early, being out there in the early morning, and lookin at the pelts on the boards drying. My traps got borrowed and left out, most got lost, what I got back ain't worth much either. I'm hopin to get back to it in couple years. I did get a nice mink one year, stretched out 39 inches. I wish I woulda kept and tanned that. Also some big coon and nice fox. Sure was fun, I'd trap open water till we got some ice, then wait till it was thick enough to walk on and hit the marshes.
  4. wildturkey

    wildturkey New Member

    I used to trap a lot and loved it. Then moved to a place that I didn't have anywhere to go. Now between bow hunting, muzzleloader hunting, rifle hunting, trotlinning, jug fishing, R&R for catfish and bass fishing, whites when they are running, white perch and golf, I just don't seem to have the time anymore. Oh yea, I forgot. I just started reloading.

    My wife says my problem is that when I pick up another hobby I don't let another one go.:big_smile_2:
  5. beetle

    beetle New Member

    I pulled all my traps today till after the holiday. The past week or so has been a waste of time and gas. Rain then snow, some melting and then more snow. Today more melting and rain on the way for two days. The fresh snow had me excited because I had tracks around most of my sets and two tripped. I think deer did that going after my salt used for antifreeze. I thought sure I'd have some fur this morning but not any fresh tracks in the snow. I hope after Christmas it gets below freezing and stays there for a while so I ain't fighting mud every day. I hope everyone else is having good luck. Merry Christmas to all!:big_smile:
  6. channelman

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    Linn Kansas
    I am just getting everything ready. I am off between Christmas and New Year's to trap. I will put out some song dog lines on Saturday.