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Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by TX Fisherman, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. TX Fisherman

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    Where Does Everyone Trap there animals, and can you trap on public land
    , and do yall shoot em, when you find em in a trap or snare still alive?

  2. channelcat_tracker

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    i trap in clinton county iowa. my friend takes a .22 to live animals. i either take a club or .22 to em in the head

  3. 223reload

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    back when I trapped lots I trapped on private land 400 acres of which was my own, I would talk to ranchers and gain permission well in advance of season. I usually use a 22short cart. to dispatch any critters in my traps I shoot for the lungs because it's less messy to skin a body shot critter than a head shot one except for coon which I allways shoot in the head because you cant disguise a bullet hole in a fur side in pelt.
  4. warcraft1975

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    read your local laws fisrt.differnt places may very.
  5. cuttingout69

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    Tony, when referring to dispatch, one of the words I never use is "club". I do have a knocking stick, or a walking stick, I don't feel these names sound as bad as club. When non trappers, including my wife here the word club in reference to the trap line they imagine us out there like cave men clubbing animals to death. You know and I know it only takes a tap to render the animal unconscious, but they do not see it that way. I am not one to hide or speak around what we do, but there are ways to lessen the impact to those who don’t understand the process. I tell you this so when you go out in the public, you may need to speak in a manner that is more professional. So many people see trappers as sniggled toothed, dirty, and uncouth people who go around clubbing animals in the head. The only impression they have of trappers are the ones we give them. Therefore, it is my belief that we should always assume that every person that we talk to is a non educated person where trapping is concerned. It is job to professionally teach them even if only by the impression we leave them with about our personal charter. This is just food for thought.
  6. on_the_fly

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    i have put a .22 to all of the ones I got , but a buddy of mine only use live cage traps and he has set up to shock the animal he says no wholes and he realy dont like the knocking sticks. too much trouble for me but its slick and fast his way too.