Where Would You Rather Be Right Now?? (And Why?)

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    For the bulk of us...it's winter time.

    Not JUST winter either...a guy can still fish during some parts of the winter...I'm talkin' the BS part of winter. The part where a guy would need an axe to chop a hole in the ice if he tried to fish.

    I've already gotten my tackle in order for feburary when the walleye start biting...and much farther beyond that. The other rods that need it...are restrung. The reels...oiled. The rods are wiped clean.

    Is the throw net untangled from the its last use?? You remember...when the bite was fast and furious that one early summer day...when you hurriedly just threw it down on the ground because you'll be tossing again here shortly...and got a bunch of sticks stuck in the nylon mesh? Check.

    How about that skanky layer of leftover bait in the bottom of your wading pail? :eek:oooh: Done.

    Were brand new...but now stiff and rusty pliers lubed up?? Oh yea.

    Tackle box organized...and re-organized?? Done.

    Leaders all tied up?? Hooks pre-snelled?? Sharpened?? Well...ya!

    Sinkers and jig heads poured? Got more than I could use in 3 seasons.

    How about reading and re-reading all those back issues of In-Fisherman, Fur-Fish-Game, Field and Stream, and Crappie magazines?? Ho-Hum...been there...done that.

    Flippin' fishing show I want to watch on the OLN is on too late...gotta work tonite. Never did replace the vcr when it went out a year ago. Who needs it when everything is DVD now?? Remember you said that?? :angry: Brilliant...lol.

    I sit here...home alone....everybody else is either at work or in school.

    I'm bored so my mind wanders to a better place....

    I picture that last hour of work...5 am. It's springtime...the blue cat spawning run at my home river is in full swing....and my truck is sitting in the parking lot...loaded with all the necessary gear and bait to kick their a$$.

    The anticipation of seeing that clock advance is brutal. It couldn't move any slower.

    FINALLY the buzzer goes off...I'm already in motion 30 seconds before...fast stepping my way to the front of the line at the timeclock.

    The digital readout blinks once per second on the clock...I count 56 blinks...and place my ID card by the slot...fully prepared and poised to swipe that SOB.

    6 AM...I half walk...half run to the truck...make sure the load is secure...and head down the driveway....and turning towards west towards the Kansas line.

    It takes roughly 48 minutes to drive from Joplin, Missouri to Chetopa, Kansas. (About 5 minutes extra if a stop at Starbucks takes place. (And take place it does...a caramel mocha Venti Frappuchino with an xtra shot of espresso should help make the foot a little heavier during the long drive)

    My destination is the riverpark there at the low water dam on the Neosho river at Chetopa. It's mid week...and there will only be a handful of people there this early.

    Keeping a close eye out for the highway patrol...sheriffs deputies...and barney fife city cops...I'm making good time in the rush hour traffic.

    Geez...there's only 3,000 people in our biggest town in the county...where do they all come from??

    At least they're all heading east...and I'm westbound. Smooth sailin' ahead...Woo Hoo!!!

    That last 2 miles is only a mile away. It's at that point that you can begin to smell the river...and that retched sweet aroma of dead shad permeates the truck cab.

    Ok...there's the first pull in that goes to the bottom boat ramp...hey there's Ai...and there's Nate....launching their boat. Should I pull in?? Nah...screw em'. I can talk to them later.

    On to the second driveway that goes to the dam itself....butterflies twirling around like chinese acrobats inside my stomach...a slight trembling in my hands...even noticing a little shortness of breath.

    Everything is in sight now...ok...three trucks. One is Mervin's...the other is Phil. Geez...I hope they're not already in my honey hole.

    I pull up underneath the big pecan tree right beside the river.

    I look around...yep...there they are. Phil and Merv are at the front boatramp by the dam shooting gar with their bows. Where's the other guy??

    There he is. Bank fisherman. Killer Dog!!! My hole is empty...and still stocked.

    I get out...change into my old weathered Levi jean shorts...a tank top...felt soled wading boots...Oakley Polarized glasses...Camo gore tex boonie cap...and then drop the tailgate...and open the bait cooler. Time to prep some bait.

    I unravel the spoonbill eggs...which are wrapped in aluminum foil. I laid them out last nite...so they're thawed out just right. Still cool to the touch...but yet pliable.

    I begin to cut the egg sacks into appropriately sized portions...and dump the contents of the cutting board into my bait pail.

    I then pre-rig my hook on the 11' medium action Doug Stange designed Predator drift rod....stuff my small tackle box into one of my jean pockets... along with a 15' rope stringer...a pair of 8" needle nosed pliers...and a somewhat flexible plastic bottle of gatorade.

    For good measure...I stash a pack of smokes and a lighter underneath my GT boonie cap....and put it back on. (The smokes can survive a brief dunking while wadefishing if you get in over your head...ya just gotta kick back up to the top within about a second and a half...and don't allow a prolonged soaking...voice of experience there...lol)

    I slip the bait pail over my neck with its nylon strap...really appreciating the length of garden hose I placed around the strap where it goes around your neck. (It may not seem like much...but after a few hours...that pail gets heavy...and it eliminates the contusion on the back of your neck from the strap)

    I place my truck key underneath my bedliner...and grab my fishing rod.

    Then...it's time to billy goat my way down the steep and rocky riverbank.

    All right...here we are. Time to pause and adjust the load...ok...that's better.

    One foot in...Holy !#&!!...that THE coldest 66 degree water I've ever felt. OMG!!!

    Now I understand why nobody else is in before the sun has completed its rise...but not me.

    I go into the riffle...taking small steps due to the extremely rocky terrain of the riverbed....and the prescence of holes everywhere.

    The terrain changes after about 20 small half steps.

    Ruh-Roh...the water is slightly deeper...it gets up to just below the crotch.

    Pause...a long one..."this is gonna SUCK!!!"...says the little voice in your head.

    For the first time...the question comes to mind..."Isn't there anywhere else to enter the river??"

    Unfortunately no...this is the ideal spot to get where you need to go....and its gonna happen anyhow.

    So...like every brave soldier does...on I go.

    Faster steps now...lets get it over with...the water goes to above my waist.

    The anticipation of that "numbing" effect you get in cold water is intense!!

    ok...here it comes...thats better. Doesn't even feel that cold now. And if I tell myself that enough...I'll believe it...lol.

    I'm now on the slick lime rock of the secondary side channel...complete with a layer of slimy green moss...slicker than owl...well...you know.

    Factor in the current in now gut level water...and I find myself fighting for traction...sliding downstream...but it's yet a controlled slide.

    ok...there's the submerged sand bar. Traction at last!!

    I make my way to the downstream edge of the bar...the water is now only about crotch deep...which isn't a bad thing now.

    I find a hole right beside a rock...and place my right foot in it...for a solid fishing base.

    Whew!! What a rush!! Now here I am...I'm in position to make my assault.

    I take my hat off...light me up a smoke...replace my cover...and unhook my pre-rigged bait from the eye of my rod....the cigarette hanging out of the corner of my mouth.

    I feel the gentle push of the current at the back of my legs...I look around briefly...yep...I'm still the only one out here.

    Just me and a blue heron thats standing on a rock catching shad at its feet as they try to find refuge from the relentless current.

    I let out about 8' of line...and with a swinging pendulum motion...toss my gob of spoonie eggs weighted with a splitshot out into a current corridor with the 11' rod.

    I then hit the release on the Abu 6500...and let out some Power Pro 65 lb hi-vis yellow braid...the current takes my bait downstream with it as it always does. The low profile of the braid line allowing my bait to sink immediately.

    The little split shot is just enough to maintain contact with the bottom...yet still light enough to allow the bait to travel with the current.

    I feel it bouncing along the bottom...careening off rocks and gravel along its way.

    I release more line...approx. 11' worth...and let my bait continue to drift.



    I reel down...taking up some slack with the power handle on my trusty 6500.

    This could simply be an empty hole that my bait has just settled into...OR...then theres the preferred version...a hawg 30 lb bluecat could have been in that hole...and nabbed it when it fell right on its nose.

    It's hard to tell when there's slack in the line...but it's a necessary evil to get the proper action out of this presentation. It's a fine line between too much slack...and just enough.

    Still reeling down...I leave a little slack in the line...so as not to spook it if it is in fact a fish.

    I lift the rod ever so slightly...reel down...and pull up very lightly....YEP...there's something there.

    I reel down tight...and sweep my rod gently to the side.


    The line tightens quickly with the zero stretch properties of the PP braid....the Gamakatsu 7/0 circle hook pivots...and embeds itself deep into the corner of the catfishes mouth.

    I give the rod a couple extra little bumps in order to drive the hook in even deeper if possible.

    The limber drift rod DOUBLES over....the fish rises up to top in the 3' deep water...furiously thrashing it's massive tail at the surface...and then begins a long sustained run...the braid line humming as it slices through the water.

    The line peels off the 6500...the drag singing as I reach down to tighten it a little bit.

    The 11' medium action rod is bent more than double...the tip is below the extended butt of rod...which I have tucked under my right arm....as I lean back on the fish to get it to circle back towards me.

    It runs upstream...causing me to have to get turned around...as I stumble around on the rocks under my feet...in the now crotch deep water...it burns upstream...and then as suddenly as it started the run against the current...it turns and comes towards me at full speed.

    I crank furiously on the power handle...which is now out of its element. (Known for cranking power...not speed)

    The fish is staying ahead of the slack in the line...it blazes past me...and pulls up the slack itself....and then seemingly stops.

    Is he still there??? Oh NO!!! I've lost him. Dang it!!

    I reel down again...OH...hold the phone...yep...he's still there.

    He merely went lateral on me...WHEW!!!

    ok...its back on...he's coming in now...those two long runs tired the poor fella out. Swimming towards me now.

    He's by my feet...OUCH!!! He went by my leg and stabbed me with his blunt pectoral fin.

    Geez...he just went nuts again. He's ripping out more drag...RRRRRR....RRRRR....RRRRRR.

    Still havent seen the dang thing...at least not the WHOLE fish... with this coffee colored water.

    Ok...now he's tuckered.

    I'm dragging him towards me now...He he he.

    He's at my feet again...to the top...I can almost see him.

    Holy Cow!! He's a good one...probably 32-35".

    I reach down...and cradle him underneath his belly...he's submissive now.

    I tuck my rod underneath my arm...and reach for my pliers.

    I reach down...and release the line on the reel...grab the hook with the pliers...and twist it free.

    I hoist my catch up to get a better look.

    I didn't realize it...but Merv, Phil, and a couple other local guys have been watching me the whole time as I battled my blue cat.

    I admire my fish...alas no camera...I forgot my waterproof camera AND scales...back in the truck. Well...too bad...I ain't gonna go to the trouble of wading all the way back to the truck...and then all the way back in just for a pic....and I estimate this fat sucker to be slightly better than 30 lb.

    Its a rule with me that the first fish of the day gets released...but this one would go back regardless. It's over the 15-20 lb cutoff for eaters. Anything over that goes back to make babies. :wink:

    I slip the big beautiful blue back into the water...and turn her loose...she gives me a good splash of water in the face...as I watch her disappear back into the muddy river water.

    I hear the guys at the boatramp..."Did he just turn that fish loose??"...and then the reply..."Yep...what a dumb a$$."...as they turn and walk back to the boat ramp...bows in hand.

    I just smile and wave...take a big swig of my gatorade...light me up a victory smoke...and go back about my business of baiting up...and soaking another drift.

    Lets get some eaters on that there stringer now....baby is hungry.

    There we go...all baited up...Now then...come to daddy. :wink:

    Ah yes...that's where I'd rather be at this point and time.

    Where's your heaven on this Earth??

    Would it be fishing? Hunting? Or something else?

    Perhaps hitting the road on a Harley fatboy...doing 90 mph on a two lane road...headed out of town...your best fat bottomed girl out back riding...well...:embarassed:...you know. :wink:

    Or maybe winning your 11 th consecutive game of nine ball in dramatic fashion and impeccable technique at the local bar in front of the home crowd for $20 a rack.

    Everybody has that place they wanna go...even if they've never been there before.

    What's yours? (and why?)
  2. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Man, you have too much time on your hands.

    You need to go fishing, now!:wink:

    And to answer your question - fishing all the way!

  3. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    Joshua...you don't know the half of it brother! :wink:

    This is the worst time of the year for me...it won't be long tho!
  4. Big Dav

    Big Dav New Member

    Thanks for the great read. You must be going to give Beetle a run for his money on story teller of the year.:smile2:
  5. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    Oh I don't think I'm ready for the title shot against the champ...Lol.

    Just a daydream of mine. One that becomes real when May rolls around.

    It's kinda hard to forget even the smallest of details when it comes to something you love.
  6. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    I would rather be fishing,


    Because i'm at work:smile2:.
  7. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    Fishing for me fishing would have to be it, I have fished in snow, sleet, rain, even had my eyelets on my pole freeze, still would be fishing.
  8. CatAngler

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    Omaha NE
    Weather wise I'm right there with you.:angry: All reels have been oiled & respooled (actually some have been re-respooled LOL), rigs are prepped for next season, tackle boxes reorganized, boat has been deep down cleaned, etc.

    I have iced fished Rainbows a couple of times in the past few weeks but it just aint the same. I'm not a huge fan of fishing when it's below 50deg. But I'll take what I can get.

    I'll tell you these boards are going to help me get through the winter a little better than in the past. I don't know how I've gotten by without this place until now, especially in the winter.

    Good read Caller.:cool2:

    So why would I rather be fisihing right now? "Because besides God & my family, everything else seems secondary".

  9. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    Lol...thats my problem. Too much work...48 hours so far this week...2 more 10 hr days to go.

    Forecast next week and beyond: More of the same until spring
  10. catfishrollo

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    sounds like we have alot in common here. except im too lazy to write about it all:smile2:. the place i would like to be right now is sitting out on my boat during a mid-summer evening. it is about 15 minutes from dark, all the poles are baited up with big lively green sunfish, and smallmouth bass.. the rods are in the rod holders...tips bouncing, all the tell-tail signs things are heading in the right direction...its PRIME-TIME!!! and then as dusks quickly falls and the bugs are moving in onto the water...you hear the rod holder abruptly bang, followed by the first few clicks of the baitrunner.. the reel steadily clicks, rod tip plunging over the side of the boat...i sit and admire the sight for a few more seconds...then slowly move toward the rodholder....picking the rod out and feeling the the flathead as he moves upstream of the boat....i slowly engage the reel....... thats where i want to be right now, and anyone else that lives it daily understands why!!! by the way nice thread brian..lol....rollo

    it won't be long...your just giving your tackle a break for a while...lol
  11. catfishcentral

    catfishcentral New Member

    You know what excuses are like? There like ____________ everyone has one.:tounge_out: I know for a fact there's plenty of blues just South of you in Okie land just waiting to be caught. :big_smile:

    Oh and I'd rather be anywhere else but sitting in a Airport in New Mexico right now. At least I have wireless internet to keep me busy while waiting for my flight.
  12. tnkatman

    tnkatman New Member

    Bluff City, TN
    Right now I would like to be in Richmond, VA. The reason is simple: BIG BLUES !!!
  13. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    Lol...Chris...buddy...I'd sure be up for that Okie fishing trip this weekend....or all this week for that matter...we're shut down for C-mas every year for 11 days.

    Oh...you can't?? Whats your excuse?? Lmao...thats what I thought! :wink:

    I'm still picking up limbs and branches outa my yard from last weeks ice storm. Anybody need a bunch of firewood?? I know somebody who has alot to get rid of...lol.

    The temp this morning was 28 degrees when I left work...it's supposed to hit 64 this afternoon...and then a high of 38 tomorrow...with a low of 19...a 20 mph north-northwest wind...and 1-3" of snow expected.

    Sheesh! Kansas weather...Go figure.
  14. catfishcentral

    catfishcentral New Member


    I'm on vaction for 12 days starting today, and I'll find some time to fish:cross: even if I'm have to fish like this.:0a18:
  15. Flatheadhunter33

    Flatheadhunter33 New Member

    Yuma, Arizona
    I can honestly and gratfully say that I am right now in the very place that I have been asking God to put me all year...HOME! Just got back from overseas deployment last night:wink:!
  16. Catpaw

    Catpaw Well-Known Member

    Central Cail
    Damoen ....God bless your home before christmas to in joy it with your famliy.
  17. Catcaller

    Catcaller Active Member

    I have volunteered to fill in at work next wed, thurs, and fri dayshift for a guy who is going out of town...but I do have two 4 day weekends.

    If you'd like to hook up...I'd be willing to drive down to the Navigation channel...or wherever you want to go in that area.

    My wife and kids can stay with my mother at her house outside Porter while we fish.

    You up for it? I definately need to get away from this mess around here for a few days...this last two weeks has been just awful.

    If so...let me know so I can call mom and make some travel plans.

  18. cubedweller

    cubedweller New Member


    Thanks for the read -- lots of good imagery. Being a former smoker myself, I was way ahead of you and already thinking about that "victory" smoke. Heh. I tried to give you reps, but I guess I have to spread it around a little, first...
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  19. Cattoo

    Cattoo New Member

    great post. i will have to say, without any doubt, my most favorite place to be and my favorite thing to do would have to be sitting on the bank of the mighty ohio below cannelton dam just before daylight waiting for that first slam! to me there is nothing that compares.
  20. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    id go back to 1961.i had a date, for my senior prom,with a girl who was voted most beautiful.had on a baby blue tux had the corsauge and my dads 1975 pink chrysler new yorker for the nite.my uncle and aunt came by on their way to port lavaca texas to go fishing in the ocean.i didnt even call the girl to tell her i wasnt coming.id like to see if i would still go fishing.